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CD THE POODLES Tour De Force review






MAY 2013





The Poodles have been ploughing a seemingly fertile field of high energy melodic metal since 2006’s classic debut ‘Metal will Stand Tall’ and they’ll undoubtedly be on many a playlist, after 2011’s wonderful ‘Performocracy’. Two years on ‘Tour De Force’ could just be one of those make or break moments, and if there ever was a band that has what it takes to break through it’s the Poodles, but as we all know there’s a huge amount of great music these days that slips by us in an online world.
Opening with the barrage that is ‘Misery Loves Company’ and ‘Shut UP!’ there’s an almost indecent haste to cut straight to the rock, which in our book can only be a very good thing! Both songs over that wide-eyed adrenalin rush your average rocker thrives on and its one of my favourite starts to an album this year.



It’s the mid tempo rockers though that really stand out here: ‘Viva Democracy’ rolls along with a soaring chorus and dare I say it a ‘message’ about the very un-rock ‘n’ roll democracy! But ’40 Days and 40 Nights’ one of the most unashamedly melodic songs here and our favourite, sure it sounds like you’ve heard it a thousand times before but you can close your eyes and just let this one wash over you.



The lush ‘Going Down’ may well have the catchiest chorus here but The Poodles are no stranger to big hooks and this is an album full of them. The only weak point on our first few listens is perhaps the ballad ‘Leaving the Past to Pass’ which goes through the motions, moves along nicely but never really manages to catch fire.



Aside from ’40 Days…’ our favourites are barnstorming opener ‘Misery Loves Company’; the bluesy classic Zep swagger of ‘Kings and Fools’ that takes in a bit of Queen along the way; and ‘Now Is the Time’ which could be one of the best songs The Poodles have recorded.



This is a little darker than the last offering from the Poodles and seems to be consciously reaching for a more modern sound. It’s not my favourite album by the band and at times it sound a little unresolved. I’m still a little on the fence, but the peaks more than make up for the low points.




Mark Diggins