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CD THE DATE Sedated review









The Date’s latest long player takes what we heard on 2012’s ‘Updated’ and adds some great new songs to the catalogue. It’s in truth a thoroughly enjoyable listen.



Made up of the searing guitar of Rob Susanto, with solid rhythms from David Moran (bass) and Mark Thomas (drums) as well as Moran’s distinctive vocal The Date don’t do it like everyone else. This is hard blues with a stunning sense of melody; it’s commercial yet edgy enough to be cool. It’s something you have to experience live.



Staring off with ‘Let Me Drive’ you get everything we love about this power trio in a single 3.09 package. There’s feel, there’s rhythm and there’s a sense of controlled abandon that’s captured beautifully. Lead track ‘Seize the Day’ is only a couple of seconds longer but has time for a great guitar break that Vaughn or Gallagher would love were they still with us. It’s the sort of song that really rekindles your love of striped back blues that has perhaps been overdone by bands like White Stripes and The Black Keys, here’s it’s had its blue soul carefully re-grafted to its body.



 ‘I Don’t Mind’ is infuriatingly catchy, with a great chorus that will have you singing along all day, and while it’s our favourite of the moment it’s changing every listen.



‘Strictly Pace’ has that familiar feel to it with a riff you feel sure you’ve heard a hundred times; but it’s the laid back vocal and stunning guitar that elevate this to one of The Date’s best. In truth there’s no filler within sight and ‘Kiss and Tell’ rides a great groove to a stage –light filled solo.



God this is sooo good, and the simple good time drinking song ‘One For My Baby’ just has that stripped-back simplicity and adds humorous lyrics that have you grinning a big shit-eating grin. You’ve got to love a Perth scene that can throw real gems like this in your path and make you appreciate what can be done with guitar, bass, drums, a voice and a real love of rock and roll. Get down to the launch in Freo on 19th July at the Fly and you’ll have a great night of simple stripped back rock and roll, and maybe a beer or two.




Mark Diggins


CD THE DATE Sedated review 2013