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CD Steve Lukather Transition review








Steve Lukather will need no introductions to most but for those few of you out there who aren’t aware he is the American guitarist, songwriter, singer, arranger and producer best known for his work with Toto and as a session musician with countless credits across a broad span of genres. He has also got 5 Grammys to his name.


Transition is his seventh solo album and undoubtedly one of his finest moments. ‘Judgement Day’ that kicks off the album is the rockiest number here; a soaring composition that immediately commands your attention and then some. Contrastingly the underdone cool swing beat of ‘Creep Motel’ showcases his fluency with all styles of guitar-driven rock and roll.


The story of Transition is a compelling one, with beautiful ballads like ‘Once Again’, mature and heartfelt right beside one of our highlights the beautifully constructed ‘Right the Wrong’ both riding the strong melodic current that makes ‘Transition’ so memorable.


‘Transition’ itself stands aside as a jazz tinged instrumental odyssey that fans of his guitar work will lap up’. For us though it’s the track ‘Last Man Standing’ that really hits the highs – a mature melodic rock number that sees Steve’s compositional skills at their best.


The final two tracks don’t disappoint either: ‘Rest of the World’ is smooth soulful and elegant and an equally graceful (if brief) instrumental version of the classic ‘Smile’ ends proceedings. (the original version of the song was of course also an instrumental but the best known version is surely Nat King Cole’s  vocal version from 1954). It’s a slightly off the wall but none the less pleasing ending, and is all part of the charm that sets ‘Transition’ aside as what we feel is Steve Lukather’s best solo work to date and a fine example of laid back, beautifully crafted melodic rock. Lukather has few peers and is an artist we all should treasure. Long may he continue to craft music like this.  



By Mark Diggins