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CD Sister Sin Dance of the Wicked Review

Sister Sin

Dance of the Wicked





Ten years in and those expecting something new from Sister Sin instead get a remastered version of the album that started it all for the band with the ubiquitous bonus tracks and reworked artwork. The question is why I guess and where is the new material? Before we look at that though let’s take this release at face value.  



Sister Sin always had something about them and while you can argue that it’s worth revisiting where it all began, to be honest the sound now compared to this initial release is far more refined while retaining the requisite aggression. But if you want to see where it all began and found it hard getting your hands on this it’s still a great album, not my favourite Sister Sin, but all the same a great document of where today’s sound came from.



Out on June 25, ‘Dance…’ kicks off with the very Metal ‘Kiss The Sky’ a song seemingly designed to get Liv’s strong vocals right up there in your face and to paint the bands eighties Metal influences boldly. It’s also a killer track. ‘Dance Of The Wicked’ adds the eighties rock stylings of early Motley Crue.



To be honest listening again to the album with the benefit of remastering it’s a welcome reminder of how much fun rock used to be when a great melody or a magical riff always won over genre defined boundaries and people laughed at those that chose style over substance. Amongst our favourites are: ‘Dirty Damn’ which ticks the ‘Skid Row’ box; ‘Love Lies’ which showcases Liv’s gentler side and a great rendition of the Stones classic ‘Paint It Black’.



Of the bonus tracks the demo of ‘Tragedy Loves Company; with it’s slower pace and bluesy vibe gives it a Stones meets Gunners vibe and to be honest I’m not sure how it didn’t get taken further. The other demo ‘Minor You (Major Me)’  is more standard Crue, but still a decent enough song.



Our favourites though are the ones where the influences are writ large: ‘Writings On The Wall’ sounds like top-drawer WASP and ‘Head Over Heels For Love’ is latter period Crue. Both are very, very cool songs and it’s worth picking up the album just for this pair. A great look back at Metal before it all went wrong!



Label: Victory Records





Mark Diggins


CD Sister Sin Dance of the Wicked Review 2013