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CD SUN Something Unto Nothing review







The band that Brian Tichy left Whitesnake to concentrate on full time is S.U.N. It's a bold move but is it one that will pay off? Check our interview page next week when we talk to Brian about the project and the feedback so far. But let's first have a look at what they put together.


Greeting you with a huge groove, this debut starts off on the right foot, then jumps in with both. But it’s ‘Burned’ that establishes the groove that the album expands out of sight. The more immediate ‘Crazy Head’ that follows gets the feet stomping and features some nice laid back guitar from Tichy (yes he is playing guitar and not drums in SUN).


‘Nomad’ really brings the blues on with a huge opening salvo from Sass Jordan whose vocals as probably more impressive on this album that on anything else I’ve heard her on previously. Things are starting to look very, very good.


In truth the most impressive thing about this album is how mature it sounds, you get glimpses of it early, but the breakdown in Nomad is stunning. This is powerful music delivered with pride and passion and above all a huge amount of energy. It’s immediately obvious why everyone involved is so pumped up about this project. Sadly the hardest part is always getting it heard and that is the gamble Tichy took in leaving Whitesnake, but with this evidence it’s less of ‘clutching at Rainbows’ than it is waiting for the inevitable.


From the heat of ‘Did Me No Good’ to the laid back groove of ‘Mobile Again’ there is quality in every song. I love ‘Razed’ which as well as anything shows the love of the basic blues that Zeppelin used to their advantage so well and few others have really understood. There’s more too, the gentle and ebbing and flowing ‘S.U.N.’ is perhaps one of the tracks that holds most promise on a great album – a sprawling epic with everything thrown in. This is music that needs to be heard and one of the best I’m going to hear this year.



Mark Diggins