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The ninth album from Soulfly, entitled "Savages" (due out October 4th 2013) is probably the most diverse album in the band's 15 year career. That has to say something about ex-Sepultura mainman Max Cavalera who continues to push boundaries and give the listener something other than just a generic metal album.


I have been spinning this album over the last few days and I hear a lot of the best elements that Soulfly have produced over the years. The album has the slower groove tribal riffs of the earlier albums like in "Fallen", "Spiral" and the dark opening track "Bloodshed" which features vocals from one of Max's sons, Igor who gives the song a bit more punkish rock vibe on the vocal side.


On the flip side, the thrashier punky stuff that Soulfly have embraced over the last couple of albums especially on their last effort "Enslaved" can still be found on the album. "Cannibal Holocaust" sets out on a blistering pace of riffs and speed while "Master Of Savagery" hints at Arise/Chaos AD era Sepultura. There's no mistaking that old thrash sound when Cavalera teases the listener with the occasional Sepultura-esque riff. But don't get me wrong, where the similarities of old Sepultura and new Soulfly begin and end is merely a small one. Soulfly has always been a different band despite the best wishes of the old school fans out there and to be honest, Soulfly have steadily become a much more diverse and at times, heavier band which has only made them a better band with each album.


Highlight of the album however has to be "Ayatollah Of Rock ‘N’ Rolla". The title already catches your attention and upon first listen, has such a cool stripped back sound, the intro begins with voices from Clutch vocalist Neil Fallon and immediately oozes that stoner rock sound much like a Corrosion Of Conformity type vibe. The rest of the song switches between early Soulfly groove to later Soulfly mid-tempo style. It's the most different song on the album but the most Soulfly sounding song at the same time.


One thing that must be noted is the introduction of Zyon, Max's other son featured on the album who actually does the drum parts on the whole album. As Max explained in our recent interview with him, it was their jam sessions that was the basis for most of this album and this family aspect with Igor's vocal contribution is one of the most interesting things about this album's recording process. Other notable guests on the album, which has become a staple on Soulfly albums include Jamie Hanks of I Declare War and Mitch Harris from Napalm Death, all of which contribute vocals in some form.


It probably doesn't sit on my absolute favorite Soulfly albums out of the 9 studio releases so far (that title must go to Dark Ages) but it is definitely right up there with the best. It's diversity, darkness and groovy vibe make this one solid album which every Soulfly fan will probably love!



Andrew Schizodeluxe