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In a genre that has some great bands but so few innovators and many uninspiring imitators Italy’s Sleeping Romance on the basis of this debut are on the side of the Angels. Whilst you could argue that this is in no way innovative their blend of Mildly Progressive Symphonic Power Metal is very pleasing to the ears; and especially impressive for a debut.


Female-fronted rock bands of this type are no longer the rarity they once were and so you have to be able to deliver the goods to stand out from the crowd. Opening piece ‘Hybrid Overture’ is a rousing enough piece of Symphonic Rock but the title track that follows shows a leaning towards the sweeter side of Power Metal and solid non-symphonic vocals, and no harsh male vocal to counterpoint. The tempo changes in this and other songs seem to be a common characteristic of Sleeping Romance, and the breakdowns and interludes are particularly seamless. This is well-crafted music that is neither Prog-heavy nor too portentous.


To be honest what most impresses me here is the consistency and the fact that the vocals are clear and strong without that operatic quality which strangely suits the music far better, trust me! Federica Lanna has fine voice, but it’s the arrangements that win the day ultimately with the voice just another (albeit high quality) piece of the puzzle.


The pick of a very consistent bunch would have to be the symphonic bookends of the album:  ‘Hybrid Overture’ and ‘Aeternum’ which really are excellent pieces in their own right. There’s also the storming title track, the dream-like ‘December Flower’ which was closely beaten into second place by ‘Devil’s Care’ which is everything that you will love about Sleeping Romance with its dark heart it explodes the way only power Metal can do.


This one comes highly recommended and is up there with Leave’s Eyes new one as my favourite albums from this genre this year.



Mark Diggins