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Shameless is a project that has been around since 1989 by bassist Alex Mitchell and though German-based they are famous for using well-known US Glam or Hair Metal vocalists and musicians on their albums. Over the years they’ve had the likes of Eric Singer (Kiss), Bruce Kulick (Kiss), Cherie Curry (The Runaways), Jani Lane (Warrant), Robert Sweet (Stryper), Steve Summers (Pretty Boy Floyd), Phil Lewis (LA Guns), John Corabi (Motley Crue), Stevie Rachelle (Tuff) and many others in their ranks. ‘Beautiful Disaster’ marks Shameless’ sixth release, hot on the heels of 2011’s ‘Dial ‘S’ for Sex’ it’s an album that’s notable for te appearance of Cherie Currie who makes her first appearance in a recording studio since 1980!


Let’s get things straight before we start - if you don’t love Glam then Shameless isn’t for you. If you close your eyes you’d swear the eighties never ended.


In truth the ten tracks on ‘Beautiful Disaster’ veer from the great and the inspired to sheer filler and all points in between. At their best Shameless are almost indispensable but at their worst they sound like a hastily cobbled-together tribute band. One thing that never wavers though you imagine is the fun factor which has been stuck on ‘10’ for years now.


So if you’re looking for a dose of Glam try songs like ‘Greed Is God’ with vocals by Summers and Rachelle -  it’s perhaps the best song here, but does have some pretty stiff competition in first single ‘Forever Ends Today’ with Summers on top form; or  the top-class rocker ‘Fiction & Reality’
Of those to avoid – There’s nothing wrong with the vocal on Currie’s ‘Dear Mum’ but the song is a rather forgettable  Sweet meets Cheap Trick workout, not quite as bad as ‘You’re Not Cinderella’ which has some cringe-worthy lyrics that make Brett Michaels look like a master wordsmith. ‘Train to Hell’ is just OK too, though thankfully that’s about all that really misses the mark.


Highlight of the album just might be ‘You’re Not Comin’ Home’ a song Shameless has put out numerous times, but this is one of the best versions. The ballad ‘Hold On To Your Dreams’ is pretty good too for those Zippo in the air moments, and the third contender – ‘Rock n Roll Girls’ is that out of your seats and on the floor moment – classic Glam.


The covers are great too: it’s hard to pick between Currie’s cool vocal on T-Rex’s ‘Life’s a Gas’ or Stevie Rachelle’s great stab at Alice Coopers ‘Eighteen’…  


Carefree Rock and Roll… Great stuff.




Mark Rockpit