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CD Rob Lane Straight to Video review







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First of all I have to get something off my chest; I think that Rob and I must have been watching the same cheesy movies back in the day. There is more but we’ll get to that later…



Rob’s ‘Straight to Video’ EP is that rare gem that surfaces once in a while that just transports you back to another time but then adds some, in this case the ‘some’ is sugar-coated in fun.



Taking as it’s jumping off point some of the best tracks from the best movies of a certain age the track listing here is flawless but it’s the treatment of those songs that makes all the difference.
As someone who has been in one of my favourite undiscovered bands – TEENAGE CASKET COMPANY since 2003 it’s great to see Rob get something so personal out there, and not being a songwriter a collection of uber-cool soundtrack songs fits the bill beautifully.



Kicking off with a cover of Jane Wiedlin’s ‘Rush Hour’ just reminds you of what a great song my favourite ex-Go-Go added to the Corey Haim and Feldman vehicle ‘Licence to drive’ – a movie that is far less memorable than the song, especialy here (though on a catch up viewing last night I’m actually convinced the movie may well be a work of genius). If you love the song or the later cover by Joyrider – this is simply better and with vocals by Becky Edwards, some insane keys and a solo by Johnny Monaco (of Enuff Z’Nuff)  it hits all the right spots!



Surely the hardest cover here though has to be ‘Pretty in Pink’ by Psychedelic Furs from the film of the same name; but again it’s handled beautifully and reinvigorates a song that I know recent interviewee Richard Fortus (now a member of Guns ‘n’ Roses but a long-time member of the Furs) would be proud of.  



One of my favourite bands of the nineties was ‘Soul Asylum’ (even though my favourite album of theirs is still 1988’s ‘Hang Time’) and this version of ‘Misery’ from  1994’s Clerks 2 sung by Bowling For Soup’s Jaret Reddick is a sublime contribution to a cover of one of the best songs by one of my favourite bands. Normally I get precious about songs like this but Rob’s obvious reverence for the song is clear.



As I’d always class my younger self as a proto-Goth the biggest surprise here for me is the cover of March Violet’s ‘Miss Amanda Jones’ from a film I never saw – ‘Some Kind Of Wonderful’ which not only opens up a new level of respect for Mr Lane, it also takes me back some too.  Of course the song was originally recorded by that little known band The Rolling stones but hell who knew that!  This version takes us away from the  psychedelia of the original, and the darker cover into pure pop  and it’s a helluva song.



Last up is ‘Anything Anything’ which takes a distinctly punk pop tact on Dramarama’s (a band covered by the likes of Hanoi Rocks and very underrated) track from the Elm Street franchise (in this case version 4). It’s always been a great song,  but like most of the songs here one that you probably haven’t had jarring your senses for years, and that my friends is the crux of this EP – great songs from great movies revisited. I hope you enjoy them as much as I and Rob have…




Mark Diggins