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Pretty Wild hails from Malmoe and do 80’s Hair Metal proud on this their second full-length album which comprises 14 tracks of Hard Rock mayhem.  It’s all very in your face and bursting with energy and actually is rather good.


Lead track ‘Are You Ready’ sees the band setting up a Def Leppard meets Danger Danger groove with a metallic tint and won’t surprise those who loved their earlier work. If you love bands like Crazy Lixx and Reckless Love from this Century then these guys will be a band you will want to familiarise yourselves with if they are not already on your radar.


It’s an album that covers already well sailed waters so well with ‘Get it On’ playing out with shades of Billy Squire’s ‘The Stroke’ and ‘Troubled Waters’ channeling every melodic hair band from the eighties with a  slightly funky edge. That edge is something that the band captures so well and in fact the bass is something that really stands out throughout.  


Delving deeper it gets even better with the slower ‘All I Want’ ticking all the ballad boxes AND emphasising some wonderful guitar. Elsewhere it’s the quality of the hooks that set this band aside with ‘Alive’ and the hyperactive ‘Staring at the Sun’ (god that sounds like Sweet FA!) delivering the goods. If you haven’t fallen in love with this album by now then you haven’t loved the eighties LA scene at all!


If you thought the album had peaked though you’re in for a rather large and rather pleasant surprise. The atmospheric laid back ‘High Enough’ might not be the most lyrically original (actually I’m pretty sure you are not expecting that) song or even my favourite but it shows a depth of songwriting prowess that eschews Reckless Love’s throwaway Euro-pop for something far more solid and we are ONLY halfway...


With vocals that could shatter glass and melodies that could melt icecaps Pretty Wild is an unrelenting bunch that only falter when they try too hard: ‘Ready to Go’ is good but sounds a little too safe, forsaking style for substance but all is pretty much immediately forgiven by the scream that opens up ‘Wildheart’ a song built on bass and vocals.     


The latter part of the album is just as good with the insanely good backing vocals that punctuate ‘Vampire’ and the kick ‘em to submission stab of ‘Blow the Night Away’, it’s not brain surgery, it’s not original but it’s so damn sweet: and for those of us that saw it all first time around it has that naivety that can only come from a real love and connection with that first wave. This is not only a great album by a fine band it’s one that transports you back in time perhaps nowhere better than on ‘Come out tonight’ which steals the summer sun from the sky.   


As for favourites, god how many do I get? Listen and love!



Mark Diggins