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With a title that comes from the error message on their site due to overwhelming demand this is Mutations second album of Death/Extreme Metal/Grindcore. It does of course feature Ginger Wildheart, who doesn’t seem to be able to put a foot wrong these days and is the king of Crowd-funding (this was originally available via a Pledge campaign), but it’s definitely not a one man show this time around featuring as it does: Napalm Death’s Shane Embury, Merzbow, Random Jon Poole and the semi-legendary Mark E Smith from The Fall amongst others.


For those of you like I, who think Ginger can’t put a foot wrong and is up there with the best songwriters of our time, take a listen to this and let me know if I should change that ‘think’ to ‘thought’. In short this is pretty unrelenting stuff, certainly like nothing he’s done before and in truth I have to say there’s certainly far better Death/Extreme Metal out there. In short I really don’t like this. Hey I’m all for artists being artists and doing something to appease their Muse/blow off steam/creates something different and I even get it when it’s art for art’s sake, but here I find no real redeeming factors at all and the fact it was originally crowd-funded really makes you wonder if Ginger could really fart in a jar and sell it to someone?


Leading off with ‘Bracken’ is probably the most misleading aspect of the album – it’s a track that is fairly recognizably ‘Ginger’ through the loud guitar and painful noise, but from then on it disintegrates. ‘Utopia Syndrome; is just OK Grindcore;  ‘White Leg’ is not unlikeable noise; ‘Protein’ has a decent riff before being enveloped by loopy time changes and insane instrumentation; but ‘Mutations’ is the sort of shit that the serious writers out there will undoubtedly call art, we’ll just call it shit OK?


From thereon in the album is just different shades of bad: having said that the one glimmer of light is the track ‘Benzo Fury’ – it’s nothing like anything else on here, calmer and truly inspired. It is in fact just the sort of thing we might be getting more of here. It’s worth the weight of every other track here combined.


If you don’t like the review I don’t care, I’ve been listening to Ginger since he was in the Quireboys and The Throbs. This is the worst sounding project he’s ever been involved in. To be honest up until now I thought he was untouchable, surely he’s taking the piss? If you would prefer to read something more palatable here’s my alternate review:


“Sonic experimentation taken to the Extreme – extreme music taken to new levels – Ginger Wildheart is a genius…”


You decide, like I said I already have. Next time I’ll even bother to check the packet.



Mark Diggins