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CD Queensryche Frequency Unknown review


frequency unknown




A NEW era for one half of the equation


And so the first major stone is cast in the battle of Queensrÿche with the Geoff Tate version getting an album out first (After the other Queensrÿche released their single ‘Redemption’ in March). Of course for those that followed the acrimonious split both sides have the right to use the name Queensryche – at least until the next court date in November. It will be interesting to see how this stacks up to the June release of the other band but let’s put recent history aside and just look at what we have in front of us.



Musically this is a muscular number with openers ‘Cold’ and “Dare’ firing out of the traps with all the trademark bells and whistles, but even with the opening bluster it seems a little empty – like the haste of getting this album out has robbed it of a little quality control. Indeed there are songs on here that actually grab your attention before falling away slightly underdone.



As we all know as the years have passed Queensrÿche has had its ups and downs and whilst we’ve never seen anything close to Mindcrime or Empire over the years there have been glimpses here and there. Hell I even saw parts on their last outing that caught something of that greatness.



Sadly aside from tracks like the wonderful ‘Hands of God’ and ‘Everything’ this does sound a little uninspired. A case in point ‘Running Backwards’ which has managed to capture the ‘sound’ of vintage Queensryche but is lacking in the real intensity that would have elevated it, don’t get me wrong I actually think it’s one of the better tracks hear I just wish it had more time lavished on it.



Unlike many critics who will pan this one, I won’t, and objectively I don’t think it deserves it. This isn’t classic Queensryche, and Geoff may not have the range he did but we all knew that. What disappoints me is that in a seeming battle to be first out there with new product this hasn’t had the attention it deserved lavished on it to make it a real chance at a fresh start. Listen to the song ‘Everything’ sure it’s more traditional sounding than we might expect from Geoff but hell it’s a great song and its moments like that that make this album more than just a footnote in a family feud.



Who knows where this will lead, but so far my money isn’t on either runner…. So far.    




Mark Diggins