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pink cream 69 ceremonial CD Review








It’s been a while since we heard an original album by Germany’s hard rock veterans, the always entertainingly named Pink Cream 69, and in that time we are almost intact less a founding drummer.
You know what? It’s been worth the wait if you love the sort of Arena Rock we lapped up in the eighties.  OK I’ll be honest it might not hit the peaks of some of the band’s earlier releases but it does capture the glorious sound and when they peak its right up there.


Opening track ‘Land of Confusion’ is a great opener with its Eastern riff and Readman on great form, it’s a huge sounding and very satisfying track.  ‘Wasted Years’ that follows is unbelievable – a huge song, melodic, catchy and it has radio written all over it – the sort of song that would have been massive in ’89!


The mid tempo ‘Special’ is a track that definitely has a more modern edge to the sound with verses that you could quite easily dance to! It’s a great pop-rock moment. ‘Find Your Soul’ too is another song that underlines the more melodic less metal approach on the album and has a slight psychedelic tweak - another great ride.


Elsewhere on the album it’s hard to know what to tell you about next! I loved the more heartfelt half-balled ‘The Tide’ a song that someone like Rob Thomas would hit number one with… This of course is better.


Up the tempo for songs like ‘Big Machine’ and the result are just as rewarding with more than a drop of ’87 era Whitesnake. But it’s the pure Melodic Rock perfection of songs like ‘Let the Thunder Roll’ and ‘Right From Wrong’ that are the mainstay, recalling bands from the glory days of AOR.   


Other favourites include the summer driving song perfection of ‘I Came to Rock’ and the contrasting slower, bluesier ‘Passage of time’ which ventures into zippo-waving territory…


It’s a great album from a band that you realise has been away too long. An early contender for album of the year in my eyes. Every song underlines why we love music like this so.




Jo Rockpit