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15 NOVEMBER 2013






Oslo, Norway’s NiteRain hit the ground running with ‘Bad Girl’ an infectious slab of LA Sleaze that immediately brings to mind big hair, leather pants and the heady nites of eighties Glam.


‘Dirty’ that follows (and the first single) is more of the same as is ‘Make my Day’ making it as an enjoyable a start to an album of this genre as we’ve heard this year. The interesting thing though is that NiteRain play it straight; there’s none of the cheese or Euro-pop of bands like Reckless Love.
Unlike a lot of bands that take that semi-tongue-in-cheek stance NiteRain set themselves up as the real deal, the natural successors to the bands from the Sunset Strip. The question is of course do they have the ammunition? Well the answer’s not quite as simple as expected.


As far as capturing the sound is concerned they have the riffs, the clichés and they have the required sleazy ‘sound’/ On top of that they have the look and the attitude… There is a but though, in that despite the consistency they don’t have that one huge song to really capture your sleaze-filled heart.
The opening salvo as I said is cool and with songs like ‘She Said Go’ they seem to have captured the spirit adequately, ‘Somebody Get Me a Doctor’ that phrase that will always be associated with Van Halen, too is a great song and works for me as well as almost anything here.


The only slight disappointment for me is that fact that there is no absolute anthem on here to really make this an album you can’t do without. Saying that, the best thing about the album is the consistency. If I was going to liken this to any band from back in the day for me it falls squarely between LA Guns and Jetboy, and that can’t be bad in anyone’s book.


If you love Glam infused Rock and Roll with a hard melodic edge and a look over the shoulder at the eighties this is a more than competent debut from a band that I for one will be keeping a close eye on. I can’t wait to hear some more!



Mark Diggins