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Many of us of a certain age who love their Hard Rock will have known Lemmy all their listening lives. There was always a certain omnipresence about Mr. Kilminster that led you to believe that if he was not actually immortal, then he was certainly testing the boundaries for himself; living as he always seems to have done - the quintessential Rock N Roll lifestyle. Laying out, as he had, the template for debauchery, it was always more than a bonus that he always came up with the goods musically too.
Whilst of course no one could hope to match that late seventies/early eighties burst of barroom bludgeoning start really started with ‘Overkill’ and was just past its peak by ‘Iron Fist’ even after that Motorhead had more than just moments and with only a couple of exceptions kept the fans happy and the fires burning.


2013 sees Motorhead’s 21st studio album ‘Aftershock’ and it’s pretty much as you might expect – dirty, heavy rock and roll with Lemmy’s distinctive growl front and foremost and the ferocious ‘Heartbreaker’ leading the charge with what could be one of the best songs the band has produced in years.
As the album rumbles on, leveling everything in its path  ‘Coup de Grace’ keeps the momentum going before ‘Lost Woman Blues’ slows the juggernaut slightly before a freight-train ending. And with those three songs we know we have something rather special.


The great news for fans is that it doesn’t stop there with the steady ‘End of Time’ and ‘Do You Believe’ somewhat eclipsed by the sheer force of standouts ‘Do You Believe’; the slower ‘Dust and Glass’  and ‘Going to Mexico’ – the latter being probably our favourite track here.


Ending strongly too ‘Aftershock’ turns out to be a real revelation with ‘Queen of the Damned’ and ‘closer Paralyzed’ almost screaming that long heard mantra “We are Motorhead and we play Rock and Roll”.



Mark Diggins