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Lord is one of the bands at the forefront of Australian Metal, there’s no doubt about it. So a new release is always something to eagerly anticipate. ‘Digital Lies’ Lord’s fourth album is well worth the wait but it takes its chances, mixing up the trademark style with a host of sometimes diverse styles, ideas and infusions. For us it’s a holly realised album that we think will take LORD to the next level, we can see it breaking new ground, but as always the age old conundrum is how will it be taken by the faithful?


 At an hour long ‘Digital Lies’ covers a lot of ground: there’s some huge hooks and first-pumping anthems, there’s also paeans to the glorious metal past of thrash and NWOBHM, but it’s all offset with a progressive vein that sees samples and synth-worth add to the layers and the story as a whole. Looking at the album in its entirety it’s a huge melting pot, but individually tracks could take you anywhere from the Bay Area thrash scene in the mid-eighties  to  AOR to European Power Metal. And while that may confuse some, especially those that have been with the band from the Dungeon days the common thread is the amazing musicianship throughout.


So if you are new to LORD, or already a fan but have an open mind then this just could be what you have been waiting for. As far as songs go take your pick, I still feel the presence of Helloween and then of course the classic Power Metal influences like Blind Guardian and Iced Earth, especially on songs like the heavy harmony of ‘Point Of View’. One of my standouts though – the magnificent title track owes more to Queensrÿche, while another favourite the epic AOR fantasy ‘Walk Away’ is probably the one that will cause most commotion as it owes more to AOR masters like Toto than anything metallic.


And that belies the story: fans of the early days will love the heaviness of ‘Final Seconds’ and eighties rock fans will get off on ‘2D Person In A 3D World’. And there’s more from the hilariously fast shread of ‘Because We Can’ to the epic sounds of the fantasy track ‘Battle Of Venarium’.


This is an album where LORD cast their net into deeper waters and drag in a greater range of influences. For us it’s a winner but for those with their feet firmly planted in their genre of choice this might be too ‘out there’.  







Mark Diggins