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King Kobra’s return after many years in the wilderness with Paul Shortino taking vocals produced one of the best releases of 2011 and while we all hoped for a tour nothing really came, it’s therefore great to see a second album hit and hopefully this time something will happen off the back of it.



The big question is though, is ‘II’ better than 2011’s comeback and to be honest the answer is an intriguing one as where the first album back really took the late eighties vibe and sold itself on the stadium rock sound and melodies, this album has a far more seventies vibe and a lot more blues than you might have expected.



The songs are varied but we start off with a pair of tracks that see Shortino throwing the gravelly vocals out there in a way that’s almost reminiscent of Lemmy (though obviously far better), indeed both the first two tracks here have a somewhat Motorhead circa early eighties vibe to them: and that I did not expect! They will either be your two favourites here or you’ll be looking for that catchier sound that epitomised their last release – don’t worry though its just around the corner!



In an album of great consistency after the first few listens it was only ‘Have a Good Time’ that didn’t immediately connect. On paper a good ol’ Rock and Roll romp sound great but there’s something a little listless about this one despite some fine performances it failed to get me on the hook. Conversely the next track ‘The Ballad of Johnny Rod’ is great fun with some vintage ZZ Top riffs dusted off to create a great groove.



On an album with something for everyone our favourites have to be the bluesy ‘Deep River’; the Halen meets Kiss fun of ‘Got It Comin’’; the rock out ‘The Crunch’ and the ballad ‘Take Me Back’. Some though, I’m sure will also add the AOR workout of closing track ‘We Go Round’ which opens up a whole new world of possibilities.



So is it as good as the last one? That’s a tough call – it’s a great album – you decide!




Mark Diggins


CD KING KOBRA II review 2013