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Lead Vocals -  Tom Morrissey
Guitar/back up vocals -  Chas
Guitar -  Pat Harrington
Bass/back up vocals -  Eric Bonesmith
Drums -  Rob Noxious




Genre - Rock, Metal, Southern Rock
Label - 
Released - 
Out Now!!
Killcode are a hard rocking band from NYC and with consistent and amazing tunes from their self-titled new album, Killcode will have you eating out the palms of their hands. If you are lovers of Shinedown, Foo Fighters, lynyrd Skynyrd then this album will enhance your taste buds! A killer album that no doubt will possibly slip through the cracks, but deserves to be at the top which, nowadays, not many bands can match. With a variation of kick ass tracks ranging from melodic to hard pumping rock, raw and punchy, it shows a bunch of guys bursting with enthusiasm, energy and determined to be heard!
The self-titled album shows the band are tight and hungry and their biggest achievement of all is the song writing, it’s sharp, cool and with awesome lyrics will have you begging for more. There is no doubt the band’s sell out shows, 2 previous EP’S and now the new album, shows the last 5 years have really paid off! 


‘I’m still here’ 
A great first track on the album, this song has the ‘Black Stone Cherry’ feel to it! Great chorus, certainly a catchy feel good song with great guitar riffs, Tom shows off his powerful vocal’s which is not only sexy, but heart racing! The new video to this is amazing! 


I can imagine everyone’s devil’d horn hands pumping into the air to ‘Hand’s Up’ chorus and bellowing out ‘Put your hands up,’ this song has a good thumping rhythm with a great guitar solo half way through. ‘Tied’ is another fast charging song that implants in your head, a sexy, sleazy beat that will no doubt be a hit with the crowds. 


The pace is changed with the next song ‘The Wrong Side’ to a lower tempo ballad, a romantic melodic love song with catchy chorus lines and harmonic vocals, my favourite on the album. 


Up beating the tempo once again to two of the catchiest songs on the album ‘Loose’ and ‘Shotgun’ The guitar and bass sounds show their true colours with great memorable melodies and riffs, these tunes enhance the guitar playing to it’s limit. ‘Liberated’ has a countrified, laid back sound! Toned down guitars and harmonic vocals give that Southern Rock feel to it. 


The power of the album picks up to the songs ‘Opium Dogs,’ ‘Time’ and‘Skitch’ they bellow out inventive guitar riffs, thundering drums and bass, screaming vocals ranging from heavy to dark thumping sounds. Most definite head banging, moshpit sounding tunes with excellent fast guitar playing. 


Another ballad ‘Trust’ added to the album for good measure, this time a duet from both Tom and Angelina Delcarmen (from NYC band Charetta) The great vocals from Tom and Angelina sound amazing together and you can feel the emotions and heart felt vibes screaming through their passionate voices. Finally, a great closure to the album ‘Bad Mother’ a catchy tune with explicit lyrics! Can imagine crowds chanting out this tune at festivals and big shows with attitude! 


All in all, with great dirty guitar sounds and high energy rock vocals that will get your blood pumping, this album is solid and definitely has potential to go far! 



Tanya Hadlington