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John Corabi Unplugged CD Review








“All of the best music, when you strip everything  away, should stand up with just an acoustic guitar and a voice”… excuse my paraphrasing but that’s pretty much what  John told me Steve Marriott once said to him. And I completely agree.  I also think that this is one of those albums that only comes around very rarely.


On ‘Unplugged’ Corabi has hit the nail squarely on the head, and no matter if ‘acoustic’ isn’t your usual cup of tea, when you hear an album like this and you feel the quality of the songs you know that the guy has lightning in the bottle.


The big questions are therefore: how has it taken John so long to put this together? Does he have any more like this at home? And when can we see him live? And whilst you might have to wait a week till my interview with him goes up you can just keep putting this one on repeat till then.


‘Unplugged’ is a stunning collection of 5 new Corabi songs together with some acoustic reinterpretations of music he wrote with The Scream, Motley Crue and Union; and believe me, it all works and there’s not a step out of place.


On first reading the track-list the first thing that hits you is what a great catalogue this guy has behind him, the second thing that hit me was ‘Hooligan’s Holiday’ acoustically? Really? But it works so well …


Beginning with perhaps the Union’s best and best known number ‘Love (I don’t Need It Anymore)’ you find yourself quickly reminded of not only what a great writer Corabi is but also that he does have a truly great voice that has lost nothing over the years.


What follows is a seamless collection of great songs: the three new songs that follow are reminiscent of what Mr Big probably did best and tinged with a hint of Tyketto for anyone who remembers them.  It’s one of these ‘If I Never Get to Say Goodbye’ and the last new song ‘Open Your Eyes’ that comes towards the end of the album that we like most. But you will find something in every one of the new numbers from hints of the Beatles to great melodies and sing-along choruses.


Both Motley numbers the aforementioned ‘Hooligan’s Holiday’ and ‘Loveshine’ simply shine, and the tracks from Corabi’s Scream days will have you reaching for that CD again.


Even as someone who has always kept an eye on John’s career and loved his music over the years I didn’t expect something quite as good as this: it’s a CD you should own.


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Mark Diggins