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CD Holy Grail ridethevoid

HOLY grail

ride the void



back into the void



After spinning this a few times I’m getting that feeling I got when I first heard Trivium’s Crusade or Black Tides first release. This is metal the way I like it: that great balance of old and new school, great guitars and with some great melodies.



Holy Grail emerged from the split in White Wizard with a decent enough debut, but this time the band has really upped the ante. This one has pretty much it all plus the kitchen sink thrown in and at various moments you catch fleeting moments of some of the new school like: AX7, Trivium and Black Tide whilst at others you even get the feel of bands like Maiden and Priest. The best aspect though is that nothing is too obvious and the balance is about perfect.



As far as playing favourites go this is one of those albums that you will just play over and over, it’s hard to pick standouts; and even the cardinal sin of starting with a brief instrumental and calling it track one, is pretty much forgiven.



Of the tracks here pretty much everything has merit but the ones that particularly stand out are the ones that ride the melody like ‘Dark Passenger’ which owes a lot to old school metal, it’s a great song with touches of Sabbath, but only touches, in what is largely a pretty catchy melodic metal outing. Title track ‘Ride the Void’ is also very solid and very enjoyable if you like a bit of Maiden style bluster, opening up with a delicate acoustic intro it soon starts the head banging uncontrollably.



From then on it’s all good, there’s the fast and furious ‘Too Decayed to Wait’; ‘Take it To the Grave’ surfaces as a no-nonsense rocker; but neither, good as they are, compare to songs like my favourite pair: ‘Silence the Scream’ which has that huge ‘Bullet for My Valentine’ chorus and the power of ‘Rains of Sorrow’. In fact its’ only ‘Crosswinds’ that is the only song that doesn’t do too much for me of the 13: and that is what is so impressive about ‘Ride The Void’ to me..  



These guys can kick it live too, I know as I was one of only about eight people there to see the start of their Soundwave set this year (the curse of opening when they open the doors late).
Great band, you’ll love them!




By Mark Diggins