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Simple vintage Metal with female vocals

done rather ploddingly. Oh dear…





Though California’s Huntress seem to be receiving some attention at the moment it would be hard to say with a straight face that it’s just for the music as what we are served up on ‘Starbound Beast’ is at best rather generic and at worst a seemingly cynical marketing ploy to those that think their Metal should be all about swords, sorcery, space and scantily-clad women. As a marketing gimmick I guess it’s the oldest trick in the book and good look to them. But I think sadly, the ‘sex-sells’ angle may work with many other genres of music Metal fans still thankfully put the music first.


It’s easy to see where the wheels fall off though: given the ‘Golden ticket’ of a song co-written by Metal God Lemmy and an interest-raising title like ‘I Want to Fuck You To Death’ any young band would surely have to be batting off the masses with a stick: but somehow Huntress seem to be missing the third part of that equation – i.e. make it a great song, and instead come back with something turgid, dull and uninspiring.


Indeed two albums in, and Huntress seems to be desperate to do anything to attract attention (though in truth seem to be mainly relying on singer Janus’ skimpy attire, and don’t get us wrong there’s nothing wrong with that if you have the musical goods behind those other assets) and to be perfectly honest listening to this sloppily concocted mish-mash of Metal safety and cliché it’s hard to see a way ahead.


Sure at times there are points of interest – ‘Destroy Your Life’ (the best here) and ‘Oracle’ especially have some great guitar; and the title track is perhaps the most interesting here, but there’s nothing inspiring here and the vocals after a while all sound the same, with nothing but a factory-setting delivery wise with the option of ‘do you want that loud and piercing or louder and piercing’…



Leslii Phillips