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CD HEARTIST Nothing You Didn't Deserve EP review







One of the newest bands signed to the world renowned Roadrunner Records, Californian metalcore quintet Heartist announced themselves into the big time with their debut EP towards the end of 2012.
At just under 30 minutes long, the 7 tracks assault your ear drums with brutal guitar break downs, thunderous drumming and at times, vicious gang vocals.



Singer Bryce Beckley strains his voice to bring us a trademark screamfest, occasionally down to the regurgitating depths of deathcore. But it’s his impressive switch to clean vocals that really make its mark; as the catchy melodic choruses give this band something over their peers.



‘Disconnected’ is an excellent opener, encapsulating all that Heartist are at this early stage of their career. Beckley trades screams with clean melody, Matt Marquez provides the pulsating drumming, and dual guitaring from Jonathan Gaytan and Tom Koch ties you up in knots. Bassist Evan Ranallo provides the undertones to complete this ferocious puzzle.



‘Rhinestone’ and ‘The Answer’ follow in the same manner; a perfect blend of fury and then calm. Standout track ‘Where Did I Go Wrong?’ shows a more mellow side, as the dazzling guitar intro makes way for Beckley’s singing voice (no screaming in this one), and as the chorus gains strength, it’s a small dip into hard rock that gives a fine indication of the variety this band hold in their locker.
Title track ‘Nothing You Didn’t Deserve’, ‘Heart Of Gold’ and ‘Tangled’ close out the album with more metalcore of high quality.



Fans of Asking Alexandria and Dream On, Dreamer will find this in the same mould, but newer fans to this chaotic genre will see it as something a little bit different- a promising debut from a band with huge potential.



Matt Karpe