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CD Graveyard Rockstars Terror Strikes Twice








Emerging from the tombstones of the graveyard surrounded by dim moonlight, where zombies lurk and Werewolves howl at the full moon, the Graveyard Rockstars are here to terrorize stages across Australia with their new breed of Horror Rock, certain to send shivers down your spine in a good way! Drawing on influences such as the Misfits, The Murderdolls and Alice Cooper with elements of early Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie melded together; these Sydney rockers have created a hauntingly addictive and spookily hellish single titled “Terror Strikes Twice.”



The very instant the track starts, you know you are in for a spook ridden experience from the spine chilling tick of a grandfather clock before you are hit smack bang in the chest with the powerful opening guitar riff and thunderous drums which send a “Mainline to the heart” as the hauntingly smooth and precise, yet floating vocals are introduced into the mix which bring the track to life.
Enticing lead melodies blended with a strong chorus combining the strong and smooth combination of voicing’s  provide the listener with assurance that this band has big things to come in the near future!
As a fan of the shock/horror rock genre, this band and in particular this track leaves me wanting to hear more ghastly tunes from the Graveyard Rockstars due to the raw, yet polished approach they have taken to construct killer guitar licks, a huge rhythm section and vocals which leave an everlasting impression to make you want to listen over and over again.



Not only a track to get your head banging and foot stomping, but also one which allows you to close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by to horrors of the other world as the band have perfectly painted a picture into the mind of the listener in their song writing approach and lyrical content, just as their predecessors in the Horror Rock genre have in the past.



If you were to combine rock, metal and horror together with a dose of sleaze in a blender, the concoction produced would sound just like Graveyard Rockstars. This single resonates with me from the very first listen, immediately making me want to see them in the coming future on the stage. If the energy in “Terror Strikes Twice” is anything to go by, a Graveyard Rockstars live performance is one not to be missed!



Composed of some of Sydney’s finest musicians from bands such as Caligula, Neon Heart, Familia and Ink the Graveyard Rockstars are set to take their ghoulish music on the road in the coming future supporting Sweden’s industrialist death glam legends Deathstars on their Australian tour in May! Be sure to catch the Graveyard Rockstars, or they may just hunt you down and take your soul down to the grave with them!



For a free download of Terror Strikes Twice as well as to keep up to date will all things Graveyard Rockstars checkout their reverb nation page linked below.




By Will Hollonds