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CD From the Dunes Gravity EP review








This is a good solid three piece from new Perth-based combo ‘From the Dunes’ It’s good old Aussie rock, done with an eye on the nineties especially.   Of the five tracks there’s nothing here that will disappoint you if you’re a fan of the muscular sound of bands like Nickelback, which songs like ‘Atomic’ really remind us of.



Despite the odd dodgy lyric here and there, this is a great debut- there’s some nice guitar and the vocals stand up well. ‘On My Own’ the opener is probably the best song here and the one which really defines the sound as belonging to a time when bands ditched the ‘big chorus’ and started to look for feel and smoulder in a song, mistakenly thinking they’d discovered something different when really all they were doing was taking the ethos of the seventies into the post-punk world.



‘Another You’ takes a poppier road, lightens the mood a little and is altogether funkier, it’s kind of cool too. It’s also a song where the guitar solo really lifts the song. It’s great to see a band using a solo to elevate a song like it should be rather than just throwing one in there like everyone did in the eighties, or shunning them entirely like bands seem to do these days outside of Metal.



‘No More’ is another song that captures that spark of summer and has the biggest ‘Aussie Pub Rock’ vibe, and Atomic’ as we said sounds a little like Nickelback. Closer Gravity’   



All in all a release that shows that there is still a lot of talent out there on the Perth Rock scene. This one was thoroughly enjoyable. It might not exactly blow you away but there’s a lot more promise within these grooves than with most debuts we hear. Keep an eye out on these guys, if they keep loose they’ll get there.     



Definitely a band I'll be looking forward to checking out.




Mark Diggins


From the Dunes Gravity EP review REVIEW 2013