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CD ELDORADO Antigravity Sound Machine review


Antigravity Sound Machine






In a Universe of endless possibilities you can’t help but wonder what would have happened if ‘Mother Love Bone’ had prevailed and there was no ‘Pearl Jam’. Similarly a band I loved a few years back ‘Poets and Pornstars’ just had that touch that distilled various hard rock influences that just worked. Eldorado have nothing to do with either of those bands, but this release really excites me, it has such feel, such scope and has songs that can’t help but make you feel this is… important.



‘Maybe Forever’ that sets us up here begins with bass, a simple pattern, then come the guitars and the voice. It’s simple rock and roll with drive and pace before the chorus kicks in and lifts everything. It’s by no means the best song here, it has none of the touch of what follows but it sets the cauldron alight and that IS important, though in no way does it hint at the flames that are to come.



As a band Eldorado has been around since 2007, putting out a domestically well-received album in their native Spain before meeting producer Richard Chycki (Aerosmith, Rush amongst many others) and recording their follow-up ‘Golden’ in English. This is sadly the first I’d heard of them, but you can only imagine that that particular decision has been a wise one. Indeed it’s hard to believe that vocalist Jesus Trujillo isn’t a native English speaker as his vocals are impeccable throughout.



Back to the album ‘Mr. Saturn’ leaves you waiting, before the dirty scream and sweet vocal that follows the bass line note for note. It’s hard rock meets subtle psychedlia, swirling before your eyes: and while you can feel the classic rock influences of say Bad Company, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple (who the band themselves cite as influences) they manage to sound like a band with their very own and very distinct take on Classic Hard Rock.



Indeed singer Jesus Trujillo is so engaging and passionate that it’s easy to focus on his performance whilst overlooking the wonderful musicianship of the rest of the band, which is considerable. Add to that Chycki’s wonderful production and you have something to really savour.



On such a great album it’s hardest of all to pick favourites as this really is one to listen to end to end, but aside from the cool sway of ‘Mr Saturn’ there’s also the slow build and Hammond of ‘Like A Lost Child’ and the cascading Sabbath-tinged ‘Another Bright Sunday’ with one of the best riffs and breakdowns you’ll hear all year.



It’s impossible to listen to ‘Antigravity Sound Machine’ without thinking that here EVERYTHING is in place: from the rock solid rhythm section that allows Duende’s solos to find their own space, to production that is spot on and vocals that soar as the song dictates. It really is majestic.



In an album that sizzles, aside from those tracks already mentioned it’s probably ‘Space Mambo’ on reflection that most recalls ‘Poets and Portstars’ the band I mentioned in the introduction – stripped back rock with a driving lyric and spacey guitar  that makes for an instant classic. Elsewhere ‘Kassandra’ feels like it’s carved from stone, with haunting vocals and ethereal guitar there’s so much emotion it almost stings your eyes as Trujillo wails a final ‘goodbye’. And if you need a lesson in how to close an album the soft melodies of ‘Lady Of The Mountain’ and the beautiful ‘Blue Jay Wings’ simply soar.



Check out the video to the rockier ‘Background Radiation’ and you only touch the base of the mountain. This will take some beating if it’s not our album of the year. Who’d have thought that Spain, home of European and World Football Champions would have thrown up one of the real contenders for the World Hard Rock crown…




Mark Diggins


CD ELDORADO Antigravity Sound Machine review 2013