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If you have not heard of bay area thrashers Death Angel, do yourself a favor and look them up. If you are a thrash fan, it's an almost sacrilege to not be a fan of this band let alone to have not heard of them. Along with fellow San Francisco giants Metallica and Testament, and aside from the almost decade in the 90's when they were not active, Death Angel have been a staple of the bay area thrash scene for years. Their debut album "The Ultra-Violence" released back in 1987 is still considered one of the greatest thrash albums ever put out and 26 years later, the band have gone back to their thrash roots and released what I consider to be their best album to date.


"The Dream Calls For Blood" is a beast of an album, a thrash fest from start to finish with the opening track "Left For Dead" pulverizing the senses after a very brief illusionary intro. 3rd track "Fallen" oozes the traditional bay area thrash sound with a Testament-like intro and a hooky chorus line. The guitar sound is simply amazing, the chunky riffage from guitarists Rob Cavestany and Ted Aguilar feeding off each other brilliantly. Not even half way through and the album is already exhausting but in a very good way. Vocalist Mark Osegueda could not sound better, screaming and singing perfectly in a way that fits pure thrash metal down to a tee.


The title track is a definite highlight though, starting with a killer riff before launching into pure unadulterated thrash mania. The title sums up the album perfectly, a battle cry for the band to warn everyone that Death Angel is not slowing down anytime soon. If this is where thrash metal sits with old school bands in 2013 then things are looking pretty damn good! "Succubus" is another great track despite the wierd sounding chorus parts but it somehow fits in with a lot of the guitar solos that fly around in this song. Taking things a bit slower with instrumental melodies in "Execution" which leads straight into "Don't Save Me" which again screams bay area thrash all over. This is one of the reasons this band is regarded as one of the first few thrash bands outside of the big 4 of thrash. When it works, it works and this album clearly has a lot of effort put in by the band and it shows. "Detonate" is another groove oriented song, one which is probably the "softest" song on the album but I use that description extremely lightly as it's really only in direct comparison to the rest of the album which just thrashes out. Funnily enough the ending to this track is a blistering little speedster which just makes the "soft" idea a complete contradiction. My favorite track however is the mesmerizing and catchy "Empty", an Ultra-Violence inspired blistering song which really requires 20 listens in a row before you can get this song out of your system. The solo's, the bass parts, the riffs, it's such an amazing song that I defy any true Death Angel fan, or thrash fan for that matter to dislike this song. Love it!


Despite the heavier approach that Death Angel have taken on more recent albums while still retaining a relatively strong thrash sound, "The Dream Calls For Blood" is outright a true thrash album in every sense of the genre. This is Death Angel at their very best and it will be fantastic to see this stuff played live amongst their other thrash work. This is just about the album of the year for me and any thrash fan will absolutely love this album.



Andrew Schizodeluxe