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frozen paradise





into the big league?



‘Paradise’ the opening track on Coldspell’s third release sounds anxious, but anxious in the best way: like it’s full of confidence and all it wants is your smile of approval.  My smile is a mile wide. If there is a better way to start an album I’m not sure I’ve heard it for a very long time. Anyone that loves classic Hard Rock should love this album, it’s the release that sees Coldspell break any real or imaginary shackles they may have felt and come into their own.   




The opening notes to ‘Angel of the World’ may seem harsh before seconds later the golden vocals of Niclas Swdentorp kick in and balance the driving riff with an incomparably catchy hook that will appease any existing fan and make those new to the band instantly search out the back-catalogue.  This is an album of real depth and beauty and after two great albums; this is the one that ices that metaphorical cake.



‘Life has just Begun’ is a striking song with a riff that will sound very familiar, it’s timeless hard rock, and together with the smooth ‘Goin’ All the Way’ that follows there’s no dip in quality or drive in any way. If you love Hard Rock that treads the line somewhere between Whitesnake, Gotthard, Deep Purple but which you feel has the sheer class to be added to that list so that in years to come (when you’ll hear people say in hushed tones “Jeez those guys sound like Coldspell”) this is the band you feel has that sheer class and ability.



This is an album where you simply can’t play favourites, no matter how much of a cliché that sounds, Currently for me one of the songs I’m revisiting is the guitar-led groove of the stomping ‘Alive’; though the driving almost Celtic sway of ‘Soldiers’ almost cuts a Lizzy-like swathe through your resistance. At the moment if I had to pick a favourite it may well be the final track here, the majestic ‘Legacy’ which seems to sum up what is a great album: great music, excellent compositions, wonderful vocals and soaring guitars – they’re all here!



What the cognoscenti will already understand is that Coldspell knows instinctively how to capture that intangible essence of Classic Rock and make it their own. ‘Frozen Paradise’ takes what us lucky listeners have heard before and amplifies it to the maximum helping add to a legacy and fine body of work that in years to cone I’m sure will be looked back on as one of the highpoints not only of the genre but of Hard Rock in general, and that is something that very few bands, especially post-1980’s have ever managed to attain.



Mark Diggins