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Given an exclusive listening link to the new Bullet For My Valentine album Temper Temper in the lead up to our interview is like Christmas all over again…


The scream that opens the first song ‘Breaking Point’ shows all the intent we need to know that this will be another quality release in the vein of FEVER, It’s high energy and high melody and bound to settle the fans who have already heard that the approach to recording this album was different to the usual in that much of the album was recorded and developed there and then In the studio and despite Padge’s reservations about the process (SEE OUR INTERVIEW) the good news is that this is an album that sees the band effortlessly recapture the full on thrust of FEVER but also sees a different slant on a few of the songs.


‘Truth Hurts’ is another monster track, very in-keeping with the thrust of previous release with some great backing vocals and soaring guitar. Of course most fans will have heard the title track already with its trademark Bullet sound infused with some real punk attitude. This is a song that doesn’t let up the pace and already this album is looking like delivering the goods and then some to take Bullet to the next level.


As a band that has always had a great live show TEMPER TEMPER manages to capture that ‘live’ feel and the riff to P.O.W. initially fools you into expecting a burst of aggression but expands out into a mid tempo, very melodic, soaring showpiece that will sound huge live.


DIRTY LITTLE SECRET is initially one of our favourites: it’s a little experimental and a little less direct than most on the album but explodes out of the speakers before laying back on a great vocal from Matthew Tuck. In truth it’s one of many highlights.


DEAD TO THE WORLD too is more expansive and rests and some great guitars, while the lyrics to LEECH are like a modern day take on Queen’s’ Death on Two Legs’ and surely must be about someone unsavoury.
And lyrically its the culmination of an album that deals with anger and its results.


RIOT (check out the video) is a punkier song that Padge brought to the table and it’s a great song built on a far simpler riff than we are used to hearing from Bullet but it just works so well and if this is a taster of things to come from the band then they have hit on a winning variation to the formula.
With their fourth release Bullet has managed to capture the essence of FEVER but added some to the mix, there’s a lot for fans to love but also an extra dimension to the music here that shows that nothing is staying still and no-one is resting on their laurels. SAINTS AND SINNERS for example is simply a great modern hard rock song, and closer LIVING LIFE ON THE EDGE OF A KNIFE has those lyrics that we always wanted someone to write into a song.


2013 will be a big year for Bullet for my Valentine and now after repeated listens we are convinced that this is the best yet.  




Mark Diggins