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CD BURNING RAIN Epic Obsession review








When I asked Doug Aldrich just over a year ago if we were going to hear any more from Burning Rain he paused for a minute or two before telling me that there were no current plans but that he always enjoyed Burning Rain and there was no reason why there couldn’t be. Now whether or not that conversation sparked anything I’ll probably never know but here we are in 2013 with a new Burning Rain album.



I always liked Burning Rain who released a couple of great albums around the turn of the millennium; and with a sound that was certainly not a million miles away from classic eighties rock his call up to join David Coverdale in Whitesnake was a great fit.



Burning Rain if anything has a less metallic aftertaste than latter-day Whitesnake and songs like opening track ‘Sweet Little Baby Thing’ actually sound more like I wish Whitesnake would. There’s a little more blues and a little more sex in Burning Rain which isn’t necessarily surprising when you look at Aldrich’s career and his roots.



So what we have here is hopefully what you expected and wanted: blues-based very British sounding rock grounded in the seventies but with choruses big as the hair in the eighties. So whether it’s the bluster of ‘The Cure’ or the beauty of the slower ‘Heaven Gets Me By’ (one of the standouts) the nine years since album two appear to have been worth the wait.



12 tracks of fine vintage hard rock built on Aldrich’s guitar and adorned with some great vocals from St John: what more could you want? Well hopefully a tour if Whitesnake ever get off the road? How about it Doug?



PICKS OF THE ALBUM: ‘Heaven Gets Me By’ (there’s also a great acoustic version of this as a bonus track) | ‘Sweet Little Baby Thing’ | ‘Pray Out Loud’ | ‘Our Time Is Gonna Come’  




Mark Diggins