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CD BLACK STAR RIDERS All Hell Breaks Loose review



MAY 2013




The expectation surrounding this release is so palpable it could be cut with a knife. Here we are in 2013 and the most anticipated album of the year is the one that’s only real link to the Thin Lizzy of old is Scott Gorham. Now I love Scott Gorham, and I can attest personally that he’s a lovely bloke too. I also love Thin Lizzy – probably one of the best Rock bands ever, but to read previews of this album, where three quarters of the review is taken up by the history seems like a disservice to the great man and the band who put this together. We’ll just concentrate on the music…



track listing for All Hell Breaks Loose is:

01. All Hell Breaks Loose
02. Bound For Glory
03. Kingdom Of The Lost
04. Bloodshot
05. Kissin’ The Ground
06. Hey Judas
07. Hoodoo Voodoo
08. Valley Of The Stones
09. Someday Salvation
10. Before The War
11. Blues Ain’t So Bad



Starting off with one of the best tracks here, the title track is one that should disappoint no one. You can immediately appreciate the value of Kevin Shirley as producer when you hear those drums, and the cut of the twin guitar is all that you hoped it would be: an echo and not a cheap imitation. First single ‘Bound for Glory’ follows, though of course many of you will already have heard this, and anyone looking for the Thin Lizzy vibe will be smiling from ear to ear.



One of the things I like most about this album though are the lyrics and Warwick has done a mighty job, as Gorham promised he had when we spoke in Perth. ‘Kingdom of the Lost’ has at its heart an Irish folk song, and when you couple that with the trademark guitar harmonies, and Warwick’s delivery it sticks. At this point, a few listens in it’s probably our pick of the bunch.



‘Kissin’ the Ground’ though is perhaps the most interesting track here, a song which feels like a modern take on the classic Thin Lizzy sound and it works.



Elsewhere ‘Hey Hey Judas’ has a huge hook  and the final quartet of ‘Valley of the Stones’ ‘Someday Salvation’; ‘Before the War’ and ‘Blues Ain’t So Bad’ all have something about them that lift them well beyond the average rock song.  It’s an album that while it soars only on occasion has no weak link.



My only question is why it took so long to breathe new life into real Classic Rock. This one is a keeper.



Mark Diggins