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After ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ albums anyone who knew their primary colors had money on the next album being entitled ‘Green’; well that was if you went for additive primaries or ‘Yellow’ if your money was on subtractives.  Mr. Baizley hedged his bets to give us ‘Yellow Green’ for Baroness third album, or rather double-album in this case. All of that of course means nothing to those who come purely for the music, but oddly the fact that the name has an importance at all is part of the whole Baroness story.


Baroness is different. Different in a way that is important. Different in a way that is worth exploring. Essentially if we want to distill it, then it’s Metal, call it Sludge if you will, art-rock, avant-garde… whatever what is important is if it connects. In a world where interesting is often synonymous with boring, and conversely where unintelligibility is often confused with profundity it’s important we have bands like Baroness.


Conveniently split in two: ‘Yellow’ and ‘Green’ the recording certainly has two personalities. ‘Yellow’ is the harsher more Metallic offering, while ‘Green’ is altogether more ‘out there’ as they used to say…If you’re looking purely for heaviness though this isn’t the Baroness album for you, it’s far more progressive in outlook and relaxed in intent.


Of the three singles so far ‘Take My Bones Away’; ‘March to the Sea’ and ‘Eula’ don’t quite paint the entire picture of Yellow (as all three are from that side of the release) but give enough away to suggest this is an evolutionary album for Baroness. However listening to further tracks like ‘Little Things’ and ‘Sea Lungs’ there’s a straighter funkier groove at play that they get away with due to the disparity of the surroundings.  Jeez I’d hate to stick a label on these guys…

As we said before ‘Green’ is altogether more ‘out there’ rock record with a lot more ‘personality’ albeit largely split several ways. Of everything here ‘Collapse’ is perhaps the track that characterises ‘Green’ at its progressive best.


Take a listen to the perfect scrawl of ‘Mts. (The Crown & Anchor)’ which along with ‘Collapse’ stands out most for me personally.  But here every song is so different it could be another record, another band, another year…


Baroness is on a journey of discovery looking for the new world and this is the arguably most interseting stop so far, they may not have a destination in mind and that is largely the point of the journey itself. This is Metal that redefines Metal and at the same time sort of shrugs it off too. Challenging, invigorating and at times frustrating as it is uplifting in the end Yellow Green is one of the albums of the year.



Mark Diggins