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CD Airbourne Black Dog Barking review







Like a train Airbourne is always on time and three years after their last AC/DC tribute comes another AC/DC tribute… Well some might say that I guess and to some it might even cut some ice but surely there’s more to Airbourne than simply repeating a formula? Black Dog Barking’ is the bands third album in nine years their first cracked the Top 40 home and in the UK, their second cracked the Top 20 home and UK, so by rights this should be their biggest yet.



There are changes though this time, and while they might not immediately be noticeable as the template for the songs, the lyrics and the vibe is exactly the same as it always has been – wine, women and Rock n’ Roll, hell even the structures of the songs are intact! This time the album has a little less of an AC/DC Bon Scott vibe and more of an AC/DC Brian Johnston vibe: i.e. bigger production, bigger choruses. Apart from that you really couldn’t pick this album out of a line-up of their three offerings to date; which is great for some and wholly underwhelming for others. 



Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking Airbourne at all, they are a great band especially live but how many times can you repeat yourselves? As long as the market allows I guess is the answer and with AC/DC slowing down we need a band like Airbourne to fill the gap.



So if you love all that is gloriously unsubtle about Hard Rock, if you live for a world where cliché isn’t a dirty word (as long as it’s turned up to ten) then grab a copy of this. It won’t change your world after it finishes playing, but while its belting out of the speakers you’ll be having a great time!



Like we said this is like stadium version AC/DC and tracks like opener ‘Ready to Rock’; ‘No One Fits Me (Better Than You)’ and ‘Back in the game’ perhaps best highlight that shift from the Aussie pub to the World stadium.  ‘Live It Up’ the single, though, is by far the best here, once you get over the overlong introduction.




Mark Diggins


Airbourne Black Dog Barking CD ALBUM REVIEW 2013