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Big dirty and sleazy – if that’s how you like it that’s what 3PD has for you- and for some it can’t get any better than that. Born out of the ashes of Pretty Little Suicide a band I first came across years ago at Rocklahoma: 3 Parts Dead takes those years of experience, brings in a few new faces and you end up with a slicker, heavier sound.


Opening track ‘Feed’ is pretty much staple fare for those familiar with their previous incarnation – it’s a song that sticks in your head for all the right reasons and is the best possible introduction to the new band. ‘Party Never Ends’ that follows sounds like it was birthed in the late eighties, but there’s some real grit in those guitars and more of a sound akin to a band like ‘Roxx Gang’ than some of the bigger sleazier names of the day.


That I think is where 3PD win you over: their sound that may well hark back to the days of big hair and ozone depletion but there’s an earthiness there that you never really got with the Poison’s of this world and even Motley were too stylized to capture. Mike’ voice too helps to breathe fresh life into the songs and drag them into the modern day.   


‘Everything to You’ is perhaps the most standard sleazy stab here almost verging on a dark kind of pop in another band’s hands it could be an Indie classic, and that’s where you realise that there are a few layers to 3PD.


Our standount though is ‘So Long Girl’ which takes the slower route – starting out like a cowboy sleaze ballad before layering on some sweet backing vocals scattered by a cascading solo. It’s the sort of song that cries out ‘play me at the end of the night’. What I like most of all is the fact that it relies on the backing harmonies to build it up rather than trying to be too obvious before it burst into flames two and a half minutes in. Nice…


To close ‘Tattoo’d Toy’ ups the pace as you might expect, pure sing-along sleaze that delivers an instant fix: If this is a taste of things to come there’s plenty of life yet in 3 Parts Dead…




Mark Diggins