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Despite enjoying them, especially live, over the years I had never been completely convinced by Alter Bridge up until now that is. Alter Bridge has finally cracked it with what has to be their most complete album to date.

‘Fortress’ quite simply is Alter Bridge getting everything just right. From the opening strains of ‘Cry of Achilles’ which really sets up the feel that the band is pushing themselves with this collection, to the final closing notes of title track ‘Fortress’ Alter Bridge sound like a band full of new life.

Longtime fans of the band, I’m sure. will find this new material  just as exciting, straying not too far from the sound we love but infusing it with more life – like on the opener ‘…Achilles’ where at times you feel you are listening to the more expansive sound of a band like Muse. To be honest the biggest surprise for me was that with all Tremonti and Kennedy have on at the moment that this sounds so focused and so very good. ‘Addicted to Pain’ only two tracks in is as straight as we get here – a great driving rocker which marks the distillation of everything AB has produced so far.

Take your time with this one: marvel at Tremonti on ‘Bleed It Dry’; wonder at the emotional black hole Kennedy paints on ‘Lover’; and savor the simplicity and groove of tracks like ‘Peace is Broken’. The good news is that you haven’t even heard the best yet…

The highlights come thick and fast… ‘Waters Rising’ sees Tremonti take the mic stand and the full glare of the spoylight with Kennedy providing some killer harmonies; ‘Father than the Sun’ is a killer all out rocker almost as good as ‘Addicted…’ and ‘All Ends Well’ is perhaps one of the absolute peaks – packed with melody and emotion that AB do so well.

The title track that closes things is the perfect balance to the opening track and the most experimental and ‘progressive’ song here – it might be a sign of confidence, or a marker of things to come, but whichever it is – it’s a helluva song from a helluva album.

The best chapter in the Alter Briddge story so far.



Mark Diggins