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1st FEBRUARY 2012






Never having seen Seether live before and only having a passing acquaintance with their music was sure to make tonight’s sell-out show at a packed and sweaty Rosemount a bit of a dip into uncharted waters. Getting there just ten minutes before the band took to the stage it took me all of those minutes to force my way to the front and thankfully into a reasonable sized photo pit.


But when you look around a room waiting for a band you’re unfamiliar with and the room seems to be packed exclusively with 18-20 year olds is always a bit disconcerting. Shit I thought; ‘is this young people’s music?’, as the chants of ‘Seether, Seether, Seether?’ resonated around the room. It was hot in there...


Thankfully these guys know how to rock.


 A far as setting my mind at rest goes starting with “For Cue” from the latest album ‘Holding onto Things better left to Fray’ definitely kicks us off in the right direction. And from thereon in it’s all killer riffs and vocals that both the kids in the front row and I seem to find particularly enjoyable.


The set that ensued was nicely broken up with songs were from ‘Disclaimer II’ and a heap of the best new tracks from ‘Fray’ but not a lot from ‘Karma and Effect’ or ‘Finding Beauty...’ Not that it seemed to bother anyone unduly and as the evening progressed and as the crowd got wilder and sweatier my smile grew bigger. If you think there’s not a lot out there in new metal for us a little more advanced in years then Seether just opened my eyes a little wider.


And of course they also played all of their classics, including ‘Broken’ which sounds even better without Amy Lee’s drone. Perhaps the biggest roar of the night came when they struck up ‘Remedy’ which closed out the show and had a nice bit of audience participation in its midst.


All in all a great night at The Rosie that will take some beating, and a night where Seether showed what a great album ‘Fray’ is live: First single ‘Country Song’ had everyone singing (though in fairness the entire crowd seemed to know the words to pretty much everything) and all of the new tracks went down pretty well especially two our my favorites ‘Tonight’ and ‘Here and Now’.


The only slightly odd thing for a band getting such a crazy reaction was the laid back nature of singer/guitarist Shaun who barely looked out from under his thick mop of hair all night and only acknowledged the crowd with the odd ‘thank you’ and ‘hey’ all night. He did however leave us with his only complete sentence of the night ‘We’ll see you next time’...


One to watch. A helluva band live.



By Mark Diggins