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Storming the stage, it was apparent The Offspring had one thing in mind – remind Detroit on a hot Friday night that Punk Rock was still alive.  Dexter and the guys took control of the stage and made it their own, if only for the night.  They may be promoting a new disc, Days Go By (released June 26, 2012), but the set list was chuck full of hits from the bands lengthy history, including gems like “Come Out And Play” and “Self-Esteem” from 1994’s Smash, several songs from Americana, to title track “Days Go By” from their latest offering.


The energy in the venue wasn’t one-sided.  The crowd and band fed off each other and the electricity in the air left nothing to the imagination.  The band was there to rock and give a show and the crowd was equally there to be rocks and see one hell of a show.  I don’t think either party was left unsatisfied.  These guys left the crowd at The Fillmore more than satisfied… let’s just hope the crowd doesn’t have to wait as long for the band to tour through the area once again.




Set List:

Hurting as One - All I Want - Come Out and Play - Days Go By - Have You Ever - Staring at the Sun – Gone Away -  Turning Into You - Bad Habit - Gotta Get Away - OC Guns - Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? - Why Don’t You Get A Job? - Dividing by Zero - Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to Hell - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid – Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) - The Kids Aren't Alright – Americana - (Can't Get My) Head Around You - Self Esteem


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L.A.’s Dead Sara provided a killer opening set that got the energy level up and the crowd electrified for the headliners.  From opening chord until the final strands of “Weatherman,” this group rocked with all they had and left no stone unturned while making a new fan or two in Detroit.  Personally, in addition to the closing track, I think they were especially strong on “Lemon Scent.”


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by Todd Jolicoeur