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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world

AppleBite – The Beggars On Acid 


with Scyatic


21st July 2010 -  Albany





Well we finally arrived in Albany, and a few minutes later at The White Star Hotel,  after  the ditzy blonde driver decided to take the scenic route to Albany from Perth instead of the far more direct and quicker route along Albany Hwy… lol We bolted into the White Star, instantly bumping into the already sizable crowd. AppleBite – The Beggars On Acid were just preparing to begin their set, tuning up etc, and we used the valuable minutes to get the cameras at the ready, and of course a drink to quench our road warrior thirsts! Timing people…  ok ok we made it with minutes to spare… but we DID make it!







AppleBite – The Beggars On Acid are a trio who describe themselves as a Desert Grunge Punk Rock outfit. Hailing from Wales, Albany and South Africa, these dedicated lads play hard n fast, what they call Grunge n Roll. With the outfit consisting of Justin Powell on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Paul Jorgensen on Bass, and Ryan Dutchie Holland on Drums and contributing vocals, this hardworking fierce and grungy outfit, bring their passion to the stage in every note and beat. Currently unsigned (how is this possible) AppleBite – The Beggars On Acid have released two albums independently so far, 2009’s “The Corrupted Generation” and 2010’s “Down to the Core” and are in the studio now working on their third Album. We hear they are also currently working hard putting together their first national tour for 2013 !



With influences including :- Queens of the Stone Age, Alice In Chains, SoundGarden, LedZepplin, Black Sabbath, Kyuss,Tool, Them Crooked Vultures, Nivarna, Pearl Jam, Babes in Toyland, Melvins, Eagles of Death Metal, C.O.C, OZZY, Sex Pistols, The Damned, and the Exploited, we certainly expected a gritty and raw performance of original songs and we weren’t disappointed!







The first song of the night was the blazing System Slave, a hard paced song with recognisable grunge and punk overtones. The pace was fast grungy and furious with Ryan Dutchie Holland showing his kit no mercy…. Now or for the rest of the set to come!! As the White Star crowd moved forward and into the staging area, they showed their appreciation by head banging and in some cases dancing and singing along to the songs that followed. These were Wishing, Don't Suffer , Lust 69, Glow Worm, Ain't all that Bad, The Price you Pay, Hate the Witch, Pic, , Glass Bulb, Fix Me, and lastly, Where's the Change.



Absolute highlights were Hate the Witch with its easy to learn chorus and gritty guitar riffs, Justin had the entire crowd singing along to the love/ hate witch/bitch lyrics, easily a crowd favourite on the night, with honourable mentions for System Slave, Lust69, and Fix Me. Throughout their entire performance AppleBites – The Beggars on Acid kept up the frenetic pace and rhythm whilst also taking the time to engage with their audience. All in all great entertainment and well played riffs with the beats to get the blood pumping and definitely a live performance band to catch if you can.  \m/










Scyatic were next up on stage, and are a Hard Rock/ Metal Band hailing from Margaret River!!  With  Jim Haywood on Lead Vocals, Craig , Heine, &  James on Bass, Lead and Rythmn Guitar and Bart keeping the drums pounding out the beats, this dynamic, fast, hard rock outfit, promised much and DELIVERED!!!  Self described as “Like a mouthful of the Indian Ocean, spat with the venom of a Tiger Snake, V8 foot to the floor rock, this is SCYATIC….. 5 mates with a mutual love of distorted guitar and driving rhythm got together to start jamming…Crew started to turn up … parties followed… people listened.. the ball was rolling…. SCYATIC’S debut album “Economic Styrofoam” was born and is a combination of the demos “BIRTH” and “QUESTION THE LEADER” … Both recorded live and raw in true SCYATIC style… Unrelenting, kinetic  and close to the bone!”



From the very first riff and beat, SCYATIC were unrelenting in their delivery of both their original songs and the reworked covers that they slipped in amongst the hard rock. Set list consisted of:-  Hard Liquor, Thoughts of Murder, Never Say No, Midnight Siren, Boys Light Up (cover), Distaste, Mumma, Never Want, Behave Stranger, Slowly Drown, Only 19 (cover and amazing rework of an old favourite), Harvester, Climbing walls, Turning Point. Silent Victim, Dont Cry, Red Dirt, Sweet Dreams (cover awesomely done), Hammer, Last Words, Whispers of Winter, Path to Nowhere, Dead Heart (cover).






With three outstandingly reworked covers slipped into the set :- Boys Light Up, Only 19 and Sweet Dreams , the crowd just couldn’t get enough and quickly filled the staging area,  to soak up the fast paced hard rock which the lads delivered in true hardcore rock n roll style. Jim on lead vocals was energised beyond belief, and worked the entire stage like a true pro, backed up by unrelenting guitars being shredded and the pounding double kick beats that Bart seemed to deliver effortlessly to the toe tapping and head thumping crowd, definitely winning SCYATIC many new fans on the night, Every song ending saw a sea of \m/ n hands n fists pounding the air demanding more and getting it.



Both bands on the night gave us outstanding performances and hours of musical entertainment, fully satisfying all the patrons n punters who turned out to see them, and I would highly recommend that if you haven’t caught either AppleBite – The Beggars On Acid or SCYATIC yet… keep an eye out for u coming gig dates and don’t miss em again!!





words and pictures by Shaelene Roper