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The Amplifier
Sunday 4 March 2012


By Shane Pinnegar

On Soundwave’s Eve, these 4 monstrously heavy bands took to The Amplifier’s stage to destroy the serenity and promote disorderly conduct – all in the name of metal – and not only did Perth’s more hardcore headbangers turn out on this otherwise quiet night, but some of their Soundwave co-stars came down to see what all the fuss was about – most of Black Veil Brides and Watain, for starters.

HEAVEN SHALL BURN are blessed with a swag of infectious songs and a drummer who should be elevated to the Heavy Metal Hall of Fame – double kicks and monstrous rhythms abound as the band turbo-charge through their setlist, barely pausing for a breath.

KITTIE are an eight legged blur of metal and madness on stage – heavier than almost all their peers, these girls from London, Ontario take no prisoners, destroying the crowd seemingly effortlessly.


Drummer Mercedes Lander and now-departed bassist Ivy Vujic lay down a melodic bedrock that has to be heard to be believed, Vujic waving her head and long hair around like a relentless windmill. Morgan Lander handles guitar and vocals, mixing it with the best as they run through ‘I’ve Failed You’, ‘My Plague’, ‘Look so Pretty’ and more, before finishing with an epic and mesmerising ‘We Are The Lamb’.

Underneath the zombie metal and broken Barbie princess façade, IN THIS MOMENT are actually a really good metal band. In Maria Brink they have a singer with an impressive range – from melodic rock through to death metal growl – and their metalcore tunes get the crowd moshing easily.

Tonight’s headliners UNEARTH have been doing laps of the world in support of their five studio albums, and tonight they deliver in spades – heavy fucking metal spades, that is. Once again the hardcore who have ventured out after a long hot day display amazing stamina, headbanging and moshing unremittingly til the bitter end, and more than a few present will have had a sore head for the epic Soundwave Festival tomorrow!