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Supported by JAC DALTON


Saturday March 3rd, 2012
Pace Road Tavern, Medina



By Shane Pinnegar

This night has been a long time coming – I reviewed Jac Dalton’s second album “Icarus” way back in 2010, rating it highly in my best albums of the year [It placed #20 in THE ROCKPIT’s overall best albums of that year!] but with a busy life and the LANDAID charity to set up, this live launch has taken a while to get to.


Dalton, a North Carolinan export now living in South Australia, connected to Perth’s premier guitar maestro Graham Greene via Global Thunder Network’s Nana Mex, and if that wasn’t inspired A & R perfection then I don’t know what is.


The bands deserved a fuller room for this auspicious occasion, but Greene & Dalton never give less than their all – as do the rest of the band: Donna Greene on backing vocals, guitarist Annemieke Heijne, Bassist Jim Awram, Jason Dohrmann on keys and drummer Troy Brazier, collectively delivering a fantastic set of passionate and vibrant melodic rock.


Dalton’s voice has something reminiscent of a younger David Coverdale – rich honey and whiskey seeping through velvet wrapped charcoal – and as guitar solos flash and sizzle either side of him, the album’s songs take on new life, electricity and crowd amplifying their energy and depth, especially on the punchy boogie of ‘Armed & Dangerous’, the luscious Toto groove of ‘For Your Love’, and the carpet-bombing assault of set closer ‘Locked, Cocked & Ready To Rock’.


Maestro Greene is also on fire, his Ormsby signature guitars on scorching form, and the band deliver an incredible statement of intent from this live debut, their eyes firmly on the prize!

Lady Zeppelin are next up – featuring mostly the same lineup as the Jac Dalton Band, sans Annemieke’s guitar work and with Shane Brady replacing Brazier on the drums.


What can I say about LZ that I haven’t already said?


When Donna Greene steps up to the microphone and starts belting out some of the greatest songs ever written, magic happens – Lady Zeppelin are simply the most authentic tribute band I’ve ever heard – and we’re talking serious spine-tingling stuff.


‘Immigrant Song’ is epic and magnificent, ‘Livin Lovin Maid’ sears and blisters, ‘Stairway To Heaven’ breathes new life into a song most of us have become almost tired of, and ‘Rock and Roll’ is a near-perfect set closer – though I could have mentioned any one of the tracks played as Lady Zeppelin don’t put a step wrong all night.


That the band feature mostly the same line-up as Dalton’s crew only makes them a more attractive booking option as they set their eyes firmly on the international festival circuit, and with both bands delivering such a self-assured, visceral and consummate performance on every level, that success seems inevitable.



Jac Dalton


Eye Of The Storm
Good To Go
Armed And Dangerous
State Of Rock
For Your Love
Back In Black
Suck Bang Blow
Locked, Cocked & Ready To Rock

Lady Zeppelin


Immigrant Song
The Rover
Misty Mountain Hop
Houses of The Holy
The Ocean
Livin’ Lovin’ Maid
The Wanton Song
Custard Pie
Ramble On
Stairway To Heaven
Black Dog
Bring It On Home
Whole Lotta Love
Rock & Roll