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Before we get to Paul's track by track review I thought that I would just drop in a few words of my own.


Since I’ve been trekking round the local scene with my lens there have been few local bands I have enjoyed spending the evening with as much as Waiting 4 Andy. With a wealth of great, and at times diverse, songs and a heap of talent onstage they are a band that manages to deliver the goods whilst never taking themselves too seriously. It’s that sense of fun, which adds another dimension to their performance, and that always manages to spill out into the audience.



Tonight at the Fly Trap they return to a sold out house that bridges the age gap and with a new band member filling out their sound on keys they just may have found that missing ingredient. Tonight they are tight and focussed and lynchpin Mick Parker is working hard, but making it look easy after his recent trek around the north of our beautiful state. Perhaps best of all though tonight is the new material he’s brought back with him.



Tonight we get a real treat two hours plus of the best of the Waiting 4 Andy we know and a whole host of new songs that are in various stages of completion. It’s a pretty brave step to go out live and play a good proportion of the set untested to a large degree. If I have to be honest the results are a little mixed in that some of the new tracks have that instant appeal whilst others you feel may need a little tweak here and there. The quality of the new material though at first listen is undeniable.



Highlights for me tonight were definitely some of the old favourites like ‘The Wild One’ and ‘Quiet’ but I particularly liked new ones like the atmospheric ‘Blue Dust’; ‘Clean to Be Free’; and ‘One Track Minded Man’ as well as a few more I missed the titles of.  ‘Jandamarra’ too look s like it could work its way into a bit of a set piece with a little work.



If you haven't had a chance to check out Waiting 4 Andy yet I really suggest that you do. Their music just seems to effortlessly capture that indefinable 'Australianness'. Its blues-based pub rock; and its storytelling at its best. I'd love to think that every State has its own Waiting 4 Andy, but ours of course is the best. Can’t wait for the next time.



Mark Diggins




Waiting 4 Andy



Here's how Paul saw the show track by track...




Waiting for Andy return to the live scene after a winter break, we at The Rockpit are firm fans of this band and missed them from the live circuit due to Mick on his travels but now he returned and this was to be a great experience as it really brought out his creative side. The show was billed as ‘Then there were six’ because the band introduced a new member keyboardist Kelly Bavich to their line up.



Opening track ‘Back in the mud’ led with a great keyboard arrangement and intro which reminded us of what we had been missing in their absence. ‘Quiet’ the second song followed with professionalism that is associated with this band. Next came a new song ‘Blue Dust’ (written about Wittenoom) and as usual, did not disappoint. Amber’s vocals were fantastic on this track and just got better as the song progressed. 



The next four songs ‘Blushward’; ‘Interfering’; ‘Clean to be free’ and ‘Contradiction’ continued with the same quality, followed by two further new tracks – ‘Changing Minds’ which is a real gem of a track, that we are already looking forward to hearing this live again; and ‘Jandamarra’: an aboriginal song that took the band’s sound in a different direction with the addition of a didgeridoo, a fine song that I’m sure will become a firm favourite on their set list.



‘King of Cool’ which was co written with guitarist Andy, it has a great blues feel to it and Mick’s vocal’s sound very much like Joe Cocker. Next up ‘Moving Slowly’ is sung and written by Kelly, this went down well with the crowd as did the next new song Follow Me, this plays to the bands strength with its bluesy feel and sound.  The final song from the first set ‘Man called Sid’ is a song from their debut CD, again another great tune that was performed in a rap style, quite amusing really.


The second set starts with ‘Creek Dog’ this had an almost Bronski Beat (the band) feel to it, perfect beat sound and a first attempt at slide guitar by Mick which he handled very well indeed. ‘The Wild One’ is just a great song that just rocks along. ‘Elsewhere’ is also a track off their CD, Amber now takes over the vocals and it works so well. Amber has a fine voice and it shows on this track, this song was made for her.



‘One track Minded man’, yet another new track and a fine rock song, this is the band at there best! ‘Gotta find it’ had a Crosby Still’s & Nash intro, Amber gave another fine vocal performance with Mick joining in on the chorus. ‘Resolve’; ‘Maton’ and ‘Moving out’ (co written with Andy) were followed by ‘Right time; and ‘Sacrifice’ which all played to the bands strengths: they sound tonight like a very tight unit indeed.



‘Hillbilly Blues’ is a track which speaks for its self and  has that great blue grass roots feel to it. Whilst ‘Journey’ another great up-tempo tune that just epitomises the great Australian pub rock sound that this band do so well. ‘In the Middle’ (written by the bass player Rod Coleman) was the last song and the heaviest song of the night, with an almost metal sounding guitar and such a fine song to close the show.



Waiting 4 Andy put on a great show tonight, you would never have believed they had been away all those months. Playing live just comes so natural to the band and with the addition of keyboards, they have made something so good a whole lot better. This gig sold out two weeks early and most of the crowd that turned up were Waiting 4 Andy ‘virgins.’ Most of their regular fans could not get a ticket, so next time make sure to get those tickets early because these guys are on the up, catch them soon and you won’t be disappointed! 


Waiting 4 Andy




Words by Paul Hadlington and Mark Diggins | Images by Mark Diggins