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The Floors album launch tonight packs in a very respectable crowd to one of our favourite Perth venues. If you wanted to see some great local live talent tonight then the Amps was really the only place to be.




Sadly even with the best laid plans things conspire against us tonight so we only get to see Will Stoker and the Embers and The Floors, but miss the first support.




Will Stoker and the Embers is a band that you really have to see. There’s a great a capella opening to a set jam-pecked with cool songs and dirty rhythms. This is soul-searching music laid on a big thick groove, full of power and flanked by aggressive drums. But overall it’s the great probing vocal performance that completely sells the set.



This is music that feels alive, and just to prove it the singer – Will Stoker of course dances like a partially restrained Iggy Pop. At times there's touches of the Strokes in the mix if only they had they had more balls and been born in WA.




Hell we love that reaching bass sound on that Gibson explorer: sometimes you just enjoy a band and tonight The Embers seem to be on fine form. A snatch of Faith No More makes you wonder if they'll do a cover, but you soon realise that you hope they don’t.




There's a beautiful swing rock ballad mid set that shows their versatility. There's a wonderful spoken word song with a great chorus and nice solo that is at once Rocky Horror and Primal Scream. Then there’s a great swirling rock number: ‘Ten Thousand Horses’ that showcases the twin guitars. Its impressive stuff, and plain and simply just great rock music. Very nice indeed and well worth checking out.


The Floors is another story entirely – these guys have s groove four floors thick! But it’s still not thick enough to stop the blues seeping through the hard rock. It’s great stuff from the off with guitar and vocals that have warmth and grit as they launch into ‘You Got To Move’ from the new album.




Now there are some great three pieces in Perth at the moment, and you have to add The Floors to that list. This is clearly authentic: real music from the heart the sort of stuff that Jim Morrison or Captain Beefheart would groove to.



The best thing about a gig I always feel is when you are so intent on listening that detritus like titles and stage banter passes you by! So by song three the review pad is away and the song chugs along like a bluesier, dirtier ‘Reef’. You can tell that these guys love what they are doing and there's clearly love in the mix along with a deep appreciation of the music of the past, melded into a sonic boom that draws you in.



Luke hits a blues riff and you are almost transported to a Juke Joint : all damp and dirty cool! A slow blues pun follows with some wonderful guitar work and it’s clear the band has an amazing understanding on stage. Songs like ‘Feed Me To The Pigs’ shine as does ‘Aileen’ and between big almost ‘Train kept a rolling’ riffs the band is visited onstage by a wild haired tambourine toting guy for a swampy blues: this is so fucking cool it’s ridiculous.



You can see why some bands have that huge crossover appeal when you look at the largely a young crowd, but this is music that you grandfather or parents would either have loved back in the day or been intensely scared of – and that to me is what rock and roll is all about!



Dave the guest harpist appears on stage for a stomping Stones-like song that has the vibe of ‘Not Fade Away’ by the Stones cross bred with ‘I Want Candy’ by ‘Bow Wow Wow’. We close with an abused blues standard, just the way it should be…



Inspiring stuff!




by Mark Diggins