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27 OCTOBER 2012


The Eastern in Midland Rocked for a second Saturday in the row and already it’s looking like this might be the place to be to some loud rock music within a few weeks. This week again we get a helluva show.




Openers ‘Bruised Attitude’ loved the place so much last week they are back again and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a band that has managed to notch up there performance from damn good to outstanding in such a short space of time. With a few more months under their belt there’s really no telling what these guys could be like.  




For a change of pace local three piece The Vans are straight off a UK tour and take to the stage to deliver an entertaining and at times inspired set of alt rock flavoured with a dab of Brit Pop, between two slabs of metal!




They may look a little like they wonder what they have got themselves into to start with but when the crowd warm to them they light up. Definitely a band to watch out for around Perth and certainly a band we’d love to have back on a lighter bill!




Reaper’s Riddle and lead singer Clayton tonight are a revelation! For a band I’ve seen a handful of times I don’t think I have ever seen them hit the stage this hard and go so all out to involve the crowd. 



There are some good front en out there on the Perth scene but I think you’d have to go a long way to find one as engaging as Clayton is tonight, as he works the stage and pulls the crowd that had been holding back right to the front of the stage.




Musically Reapers are on fire tonight I’ve never seen them like this, the guitars are ablaze and the drums are a revelation. It’s also probably the longest set I’ve seen them play and it just shows the depth of their catalogue. It’s cool to see a cover of ‘Enter Sandman’ thrown in but tonight nothing can come close to the finale of reapers’ own anthem – ‘Zombified’ and probably the best cover I’ve ever heard of ‘Killing in the Name of’ by Rage against the machine. And those we the encores!




Reapers will be back here – we all know it!



by Jo Rockpit