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Rob Zombie


Marilyn Manson

Twins of Evil Tour

SECG, Glasgow





It's been a while, but now I am back and I can think of no other way than to bring you my review for the Scottish leg of "TheTwins Of Evil" tour. Two of my favourite bands, Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson under one roof. The venue is Glasgow's SECC. I have to admit this is not one of my favourite venue's (sound quality isn't always that good) and the hall they have chosen for this extravaganza of ROCK is disappointing to say the least, it’s the smallest hall, and with no seating available, it was an all a standing affair. But that pleased me just fine. The crowd was mainly Manson fans, but after tonight I think many of them left firm fans of Rob Zombie and Crew, and who could blame them.



Taking to the stage first was Marilyn Manson, his trusty sidekick Twiggy Ramirez and new members Fred Sablan on bass and Jason Stutter on drums replacing John 5 and Ginger Fish who now are Rob Zombies right hand men. I was actually waiting with baited breathe when he entered the stage not with excitement but with the thought, CAN HE PULL THIS OFF? thinking back to his last appearance in Glasgow which was just a disaster and he did lose many fans. So the question your all asking is Did he reign his fans in again ???? YES HE DID.




The lights went up the audience erupted to the opening instrumental (Susperia /Goblin Song) then straight in "Hey Cruel World " taken from his present album "Born Villain" (Cooking Vinyl Records). Manson was defiantly back, with a slight new look and the same sexy gravelly drone. I actually sighed with relief. Manson actually looked like he was enjoying performing again. "Disposable Teens" & "The Love Song " taken from " Hollywood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death 2000) went down great and  are  definitely firm favourites for any Manson fans.




As he hit his stride he didn't disappoint. " No Reflection" (Born Villain 2012) was another crowd pleaser, as they sang along with vigour and passion for the self-proclaimed "God Of Fuck" Up next came " Mobscene" (Golden Age of Grotesque) I got a bit worried here, he began to miss lyrics and sounded off key, and the tacky flashing neon signs had me worried. Thankfully this was a tiny blip in the set. Up next was "The Dope Show" (Mechanical Animals) this is one of my favourite Manson tracks ever, and he sang it with the same lustre as he did back when he first performed it.




 "Slo-Mo-tion" (Born Villain) I have to admit is not one of my favourites from the new album, but did the trick for many of Manson's fans. "Rock Is Dead" was perhaps the pinnacle of the night, the crowd went wild and yes people that included ME. I for one drank in every word. "Personal Jesus" "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) kept the crowds momentum going right through into "Coma White " slowing it down an eerie blue light and foam to make it snow, for this power ballad from Manson, even though the bloody stuff stung my eyes and made my makeup run, a small price to pay for that performance, he had me transfixed.




 Kill King 33 through to "Antichrist Superstar” I have seen performed many times and yes out came his alter and yes out came the bible and yes he did tear pages from it. But this never bores me.  He leaves the stage to shouts of "MANSON" arriving back to perform EVERY Manson fans favourite song "THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE" what Manson gig would be complete without it.




So to sum up Marilyn Manson's performance tonight I have to say, in my considered opinion that yes he cleaned up his act and gave his fans a show that they deserved. So all that i have left to say is "Welcome back, Marilyn Manson " you definitely nailed it tonight. Overall 9/10




Next up my fellow Rocklings was the mighty Rob Zombie, a man well known in the art of film making. Many of us know him better for his music. After seeing him last year and having the pleasure of interviewing bassist Piggy D, I knew this was a show I wasn't going to miss. After a short stage change the time was here; the arena went black and the strains of "Sawdust In the Blood" was heard the chants of Zombie started.




Out first was Ginger Fish (drums) John Five comes on to the stage to thunderous applause closely followed by Piggy D, Then the man himself enters the stage with his very large skeleton hand, and goes into "Jesus Frankenstein " the stage behind him rights flash and the first gigantic robot of the evening stands. "Superbeast" and "Meet The Creeper" was up next always a crowd pleaser, Glasgow was definitely up for what Zombie had to offer them.




"Living Dead Girl" my favourite Zombie track as always blew the crowd away, even as Zombie danced around , i am still in total awe of this artist and probably always will be. Zombie then decided to take us back to his time with "White Zombie" and performed "More Human Than Human" not really one of my favourites. As the stage turned red it was inevitable that up next was "Mars Needs Women" as the crowd sang along the stage was adorned with another one of Zombie's mechanical creations. The band went off stage to leave drummer Ginger Fish to perform his drum solo, a far cry from his days with Manson, it was good to see his real talent and skill as a drummer being used to there full potential.




"Never Gonna Stop" followed by "Sick Bubblegum" where Zombie and co started to throw out very large balloons out to the crowd and a game of pass the balloon started, come on a good bit of audience participation is always well received. "Scum of the Earth" was next and I can tell you Glasgow weren't tiring of Zombie at all. "Pussy Liquor " & "Thunder Kiss 65 both "White Zombie " songs were performed this is where i will say that having seen Zombie before, I really don't get why John 5 has to have a 5minute guitar solo, YES he can play and YES he is talented but he always wastes this fucking song for me. At one point I think I was glaring at him, thinking ruining it once wasn't enough. I slowly forgave him as he is the happiest guitarist in the world and you can see that he really enjoys what he does. So I salute you JOHN 5.




The show starts to wind down and RZ introduces his band, then plays with the crowd. He asks do you want to hear something that isn't ours ??? He starts to sing "Enter Sandman " by Metallica followed by half of Alice Coopers "Schools Out " which i have to say he covered very well. He leaves the stage and comes back to do his encore of "Dragula" the crowd geared up for one last round with Zombie, At the end of the show all four band members came to the front of the stage and took a bow. A bow i think was very well deserved. As they left a television screen lights up and a trailer of Zombie's up and coming film "The Lords Of Salem " adorns the screen, somehow enticing the crowd with a "Look what’s happening next" till it dims and the faint strain of "The Scorpion sleeps" is heard as everyone leaves.




So my overall opinion of Rob Zombie, Piggy D, Ginger Fish and John Five this is the tightest line up Zombie has ever had and all talented individuals in their own right. Born to perform and I personally cant wait till they come back to Scotland again .I would have to rate him 10/10 for this performance. WELL DONE GUYS, and hope to see them soon. They definitely left with a whole new generation of fans.




by Helen Hosie