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1st APRIL 2012





Gary Cornell was the lead singer for Perth based band “Pyramid Of The Coyote” who sadly passed away whilst performing at the Civic Hotel on the 17th March 2012. Gary was a regular and significant contributor and organiser of many charitable events for a variety of causes, as well as a loving family man and talented musician.



Gary had recently started his own production and promotion company, in addition to his POTC activities, and was actively working towards fostering and nurturing new talent here in Perth, before his untimely passing at the very young age of 34.



Gary was well respected and much loved by his fellow musicians, and many of those same musicians, along with Gary’s friends, and family, came together to celebrate his life, honour his memory, and participate in / support the Tribute and Fundraiser for The Cornell Family during this difficult time.



Jeremy (Harry) Harris took on the role of organiser, aided by his trusty sidekick Gazman Campbell, with many others pitching in. With assistance and donations from all quarters of the music industry here in Perth, an outstanding event was put together, with all proceeds going to Gary’s girls, Jules, Madisan & Trinity.



Over six hours 17 bands played in either THE BAND ROOM or THE DEN as a tribute to Gary, and the entertainment was exceptionally well received by all who attended, including Gary’s family, friends, fellow musicians, and everyone in between.



Whilst for most attendees, it was a very emotionally charged event, it also was a celebration of Gary’s life and the generosity of his contributions to the Perth Music Scene and the many charities he also supported. It was also wonderful for his girls to feel the warmth, love and support felt by so many, for them and Gary.



The fantastic crowd made the event the place to be on Sunday and ended, as a result of the Outstanding generosity and love shown by the Perth community in memory and support of Gary, and his family, an amazing $8640 was raised for the Cornell Family.




Ok so onto the fantastic acts who gave consumate performances on the day:





The Tribute to Gary Cornell kicked off with an introduction by the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Mr Gary 'Gazman' Campbell, joined onstage by the amazing event organiser Mr Jeremy 'Harry' Harris of Perth Band Stone Circle and DC Productions. Men of few words, and it was onto the entertainment!




The bands were split across two rooms - The Den and The Band Room.









BABYJANE launched The Band Room and the tribute off with their raw sleazy rock. Andy Smith’s vocals and command of the stage had everyone taking notice, and The Band Room started to fill with eager patrons, ready to be impressed… and they were! Even more astounding considering that they walked into the venue at 3.55pm
and were rocking out onstage by 4pm.






NEVSKY PROSPEKT, late fill-ins for We Build Pyramids who had to pull out on the day due to illness, surprised many with their interesting use of effects, vocals and rocking hard with their own brand of progressive power pop.







WALKER also impressed with their alternative hard rock and great use of vocal hooks, Coaxing a few of the more agile attendees into giving the dance floor a whirl!




MIDNIGHT BOULEVARD gave us another dose of progressive alternative rock, with clever use of guitar effects, reminiscent of such greats as Wolfmother and Muse, which was very well received, by the now gathered crowd.







DIAMOND EYE, Perths own local kings of glam rock owned the stage from the get go, albeit in a new format as a 3 piece with usual frontman Will taking a seat behind the drumkit,and impressively singing their best loved songs (without missing a beat a feat in itself) allowing Greg Fawcett and Cam Walsh to rock it out as only Diamond Eye can. This culminated with Cam running into the crowd whilst still playing,, proving both he and Greg, to be as versatile as Will. Will also had crowd support when he gave a speech about Gary and how the band would like to see the tribute become an annual event to honour Gary, which received unilateral crowd support!







STONE CIRCLE were always going to be a highlight of the evening, but they were so were so well received with their AOR based songs, that The Band Room was standing room only. Then when frontman Jeremy (Harry) Harris left the stage, and sang a ballad directly to Gary's partner Jules, and his daughters, Trinity and Madisan, it captured the crowds attention completely, with very few dry eyes apparent at songs end. Gary would have been proud!







GAZMAN'S CROWN JEWELS had the boogie mojo alive and the crowd was uplifted with an all-star performance from Gazman, Leon Todd of Ragdoll, Paul Cush, and the great rhythm section. Joined on stage by Donna Greene, and then Tom Tapping, the rock classics never sounded better! The high energy and dynamic performances of these industry heavy weights certainly did Gary proud, and lifted the energy of the entire crowd.







THE JOY ELEVATION then pulled out all stops with their high energy dynamic rock performance, keeping the crowd on their feet, and tapping their toes to the amazing music being played, even though most of the fans had been at the tribute most of the day at this point. Well done guys!







PYRAMID OF THE COYOTE TRIBUTE was an emotionally charged performance with the remaining members, Kely Barcia, Rob Johnson and Ben Barret, aka Ben Blend, placing a stool in the centre of the stage for Gary, and delivering a erformance Gary would have been proud to have been a part of.




Meanwhile in The Den:







DAMIAN THORNBER AND THE ORPHANS started things off in The Den with their hauntingly beautiful folk songs played on acoustic guitar, viola and upright bass. Quite the crowd gathered to enjoy their fitting and soulful performance which kicked off the tribute beautifully. It must be noted here that the band admirably donates all revenue from their usual gigs to various charities for children.







CRAIG SKELTON, bass guitarist for Stone Circle then played a solo set of melodic originals on keyboards, capturing everyones attention with his soulful singing. With Gary”s picture to His left on an amp, one could almost feel Gary in the room.







BEYOND NEVER, the masked melodic progressuve metal band, sans their usual bass guitarist, then hit the stage with their songs about the seven deadly sins. Clayton Mitchell’s voice was in fine form, and yet again Faytality delivered a riveting performance on Bass.







JUPITER ZEUS, featuring former members of metal legends Nebula, took to the stage next with their cosmic post grunge rock sound. A solid performance was well received by the audience most of whom were unfamiliar with the band.







ICHORA then gave us their heartfelt emotionally charged rock. A high energy performance, it left many of the audience shaking their heads in amazement at the antics combined onstage.







ONE ARMED SCISSOR followed next and hit us with their energetic hard rocking grunge rock, taken up a step with both female and male vocal harmonies, one of the few acts on the night, with this attractive and melodic combination, which was enjoyed by one and all.







MUDGUTS, metallic hard rockers, who reformed especially to play this gig, in tribute to Gary, exploded into their back catalogue playing crowd favourites and thoroughly enjoying themselves. The crowd joined in singing several numbers and band/ audience interaction was a highlight! Suprisingly they played as if they had never been apart, and here's hoping they consider more performances for their fans, who were quite vocal when their set ended!







SOMETHING HUMBLE closed Gary’s tribute in The Den, proving they don't have to be humble at all with their groovy rock and fun demeanour, playing out the final set of the evening engaging the remaining crowd til the end.




Finally everyone gathered once again in The Band Room, where the gents from POTC all participated in a fun auction whereby money was raised to see them in various states of undress, leading to them displaying themselves clad only in boxer shorts, proudly displaying the Bogan and Proud Logo’s, reminiscent of a similar prank played by the POTC lads and Gary previously. Oddly enough, not as much money was offered for them to reclothe themselves.




Thank you's and speeches were made by the band, Jeremy (Harry) Harris and Gazman Campbell, as well as a commitment to continuing to fundraise in tribute to Gary, and to continue offering ongoing assistance and support Jules and the girls.




The total funds raised and tallied at the end of the evening was an exceptional $8640.00, the announcement of which was vocally and tearfully applauded by the remaining crowd. Jeremy was joined onstage by Jules, Madisan and Trinity, and the girls were presented with commemorative posters Signed by each and every person who performed at Garys tribute. A touching moment shared with the crowd was when Jeremy took off his high hat and placed it on Madisans’s head. Her Beaming smile replacing her momentary sadness during the formalities.




The raffle results were drawn on the night, but still forthcoming are the results of the silent Auctions, as all winners will be notified within a couple of days, due to time constraints on the night. Also later events will be adding to the tally of funds raised for the Cornell Family in the near future one of which is the Music Quiz Night Fundraiser being held on April 16th at 7PM at RIGBYS, 221 St Georges Terrace, PERTH – please help our community to continue showing our love and support to the Cornell Family by attending if you can. Tickets can be booked only at




Kim, guitarist for Gary's former band, The Lost Saints, sang and played Knocking On Heaven's Door on acoustic guitar to a teary eyed crowd, as everyone congratulated the organisers on the outstanding result, and acknowledged all the amazing contributions of all involved.




What followed next proved to be an emotional goodbye to Jules, Trinity and Madisan, by the remaining family and friends, with many tears shed, as the emotion of the tribute was felt by all with the haunting strains of Knocking on Heavens Door, by Kim echoed thoughout The Band Room.







Ultimately a entertainment filled night for all involved, participants and audience alike, but A fitting and honourable way for Gary Cornell to be remembered by those who loved, respected and admired him and honouring him with a fitting tribute, whilst enabling the Perth musical community to Show Jules, Trinity & Madisan how much they care.




Words and Images by Shaelene Roper