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After their disappointing performances on their supporting tour for Metallica in 2010, I was really looking forward to seeing them on their own headlining tour at a club show. As good as Fear Factory can be at arena and festival shows, they are much better suited to the smaller venues. The one thing that did stick in my mind as well was the fact that this time guitarist Dino Cazares was back in the band where he belongs, and after Sunday night's show he proved just how valuable he really is for Fear Factory.



After some solid performances from local support acts Inanimacy and Sensury Amusia which included a power cut during the latter band's set early on, Fear Factory came out blazing. Touring in support of their latest album "The Industrialist", which marked a return to form getting back to their trademark digital industrial sound,the show opened with the first track off that album and then straight into old
favorite "Shock" from the "Obsolete" album. It was at this point that my neck never really recovered from the serious headbanging that I had gotten into amongst all the craziness early on and even as I'm writing this review, my neck still hurts from that very point of the show! But on with the show I say!



After several more tracks from "Obsolete" and the more recent "Mechanize", it was clear that the band had regained the tightness and precision that the band are known for which had sadly been lost in recent years due to ongoing line-up changes, legal disputes and musical experimentation that saw the band deviate away from the heavy industrial sound they were known for. New recruit on drums Mike Heller did a fantastic job playing out Raymond Herrera's famous drum tracks, nailing all the parts as needed as well as Matt DeVries of Chimaira fame who added the muscle to the band's sound on bass. But in all honesty, having Dino back in the band was the missing ingredient and evidently showed in every way possible.



As the show went on, the band launched into more tracks from the new album as well as the ripping foot stomper "Linchpin" from the "Digimortal" album. But the show really went into overdrive once the nostalgia act began in the 2nd half of the show with several tracks from their 1992 debut album " Soul Of A New Machine" which still sounds brilliantly relevant today and the legendary "Demanufacture" album which really catapulted the band into the big time. Interesting note pointed out from vocalist Burton C. Bell about the song "Pisschrist" was actually written in Fremantle while on their very first tour in Australia, Perth being the first city they played on that tour. It has been no secret that Burton loves the city of Perth mentioning it several times over the years and the band even shot the video for "Cyberwaste" in Fremantle for their "Archetype" album. The city was introduced as "The edge of the world" in that video.



It's absolutely awesome that the band still make the trek to this edge of the world on a regular basis and the fans love them for it. Let's hope they keep coming back for more! As the band jumped into the final song of the night, "Replica" this show proved Fear Factory are back in top form once again!




The Industrialist
Fear Campaign
New Messiah
Self Immolation
Self Bias Resistor
Zero Signal



By Andrew Schizodeluxe