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Rockpit favourite’s Emerald City just get better, and as anyone who has seen them will know you get a helluva show no matter what the band may have to contend with on stage. They always deliver: and so on a night when speakers failed and no one seemed quite happy, the biggest testament to the guys was that no one in the room who wasn’t onstage really noticed: they were having too good a time.







The four-band line up started earlier in the night with ‘Room At The Reservoir’ who seemed to have something for everyone – from touches of Hendrix to tabs of Grunge. They look like quite a promising band and didn’t seem overawed by the decent sized stage they have at Black Betty’s.







It was ‘Sleapfreak’ though up next that really piqued everyone’s interest, stepping in as a last minute replacement they stepped up to the plate to delivery a fine and very satisfying slab of metallized Hard Rock. These guys we have to see again!







Just a few weeks after their sophomore EP launch to a big crowd at the Civic ‘Ragdoll’ again teamed up with their partners in crime – ‘Emerald City’. Since we last saw them here they have lost a guitarist, released two EPs and toured the US where they started with a festival bill that saw them play alongside names like Slash, Chickenfoot and Creed. It’s a long way from the US to Northbridge but what most strikes you about this home-grown three-piece is that they seem to get better with every single show they play.







Ryan Rafferty has a voice that would make you think Paul Rodgers was in the room, whilst Leon’s guitar is something you really have to experience, and all of this is presided over by the gifted hands of Cam on the drums – who spends a lot of the night smiling – and that’s how you can tell it’s a great show. Tonight we get to hear most of the new EP and all our favourites from the first and it’s great to see the crowd lapping it up.







We have a lot to thank the ‘Emerald City’ guys for; because without them we might not have the type of Hard Rock scene we do in Perth at the moment.  Over the last few years it’s been great to see them grow as a band, supporting some of the bigger names coming to town but also playing in their own right. I guess that the only slightly disappointing thing for fans is their low level of recorded output with just a single and an EP to date.






When you see them live though all that is irrelevant and there’s barely a person in the house that isn’t on the floor: and we are all fans of Sal's new hair which has that American Indian look about it. The best thing about Emerald City is of course the songs: the old ones that seem to have grown in stature over the years; and the new ones that fit right in like my favourites ‘Gotta Get High’ and ‘Ain’t Gonna Get Nothin’’.  Everyone of course sings along.







Highlight of the night though for many is the promised eighties rock cover – and we’re transported back in time for a sing-along version of Twisted Sister’s ‘I Wanna Rock’. And after a few drinks with friends and the show we’ve seen tonight we already know that next time the boys hit town we will be in the crowd.



words by Jo Rockpit

images by Shaelene Roper - Metal Mama Photography