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9th march 2011





You know when a music bill reads BabyJane, Diamond Eye & HailMary that you're in for a killer show. The fact that the night was a Wednesday night and Acoustic at that, made it even more enticing.


BabyJane kicked off the night with a smattering of singles off their hit album Are You Listening and gave the crowd a sneak peak of 3 new ones off the yet to be released new album. Sticking with what they know best & even playing acoustic, BabyJane still manage to keep their rock persona about them. Sure to be hit singles, She's Just A Liar, Ruby Roulette and Bad Woman went down a treat. They threw in a cover of Billy Idol's White Wedding which although at first surprising as a cover song to do, front man Andy Smith's unique voice suited it superbly. The dark rock tone suited the BabyJane boys down too a tee. They finished off their set with their hit single Are You Listening. These boys are a unit, they're strong, and they know their stuff, rolling out an acoustic set for them is a no brainer. Just like a good entree BabyJane were Short, Sweet and Tasty.





Diamond Eye made a great main meal, starting their set off with Been Away Too Long proving that yes they had been away too long. The extension intro between that and into Beyond The Circle, saw the boys in the zone and produce a tight knit start to their set. Playing a mix of their hit tunes the crowd waited in anticipation for a cover that DE do so well, Def Leppard's Hysteria. The guys surprised the crowd instead, with a cover of the not so known Kiss song Hide Your Heart. The punters were gobsmacked, it was embraced enthusiastically and Diamond Eye were pleased. To see this one played loud and electric will be amazing I'm sure. Surprising the crowd yet again the Diamond Eye boys played the hit song, Sound of the Guns for the first time acoustically, they needn't have worried on it not working. With the young Danny Torres providing his own brand of uniqueness on drums it just went to show how far they have come in the last 12months. Just like the entree of the night the main was perfect.




Hailmary were always going to be an interesting dessert for me not having heard them play acoustic before. But when desserts are a favourite part of a night out, I should have known they wouldn't disappoint. The interesting and husky tone of front man Kevin Curran, was perfect for acoustic. A person could sit for hours listening. Hailmary opened their set with Shed Your Skin and went on to perform a string of their hit songs, along with a couple of the new ones off the soon to be released (May) album. Which just goes to show the professionalism of this band. A hard rock band who toned down some of their Big tunes and just left you wanting to hear more.




Pulling a few surprises of their own, they were joined on the night by their original bass player Matt, who slotted in like he belonged. The guys pepped things up a bit with their cover version of The Presidents of the USA "PEACHES", it was cheesy, it was solid, it was a lot of fun. Rounding out their set with a personal favourite of Live it Breathe. Front man Kevin, and his husky Chris Cornell voice left me in no doubt why this is my favourite song of theirs and gained them some new fans on the night. The guys had fun with it and the small crowd that stuck around really enjoyed it. A dessert that one definitely did not leave behind.


All 3 are rock bands, yet all 3 are unique and different, making their own mark on the music industry. Definitely a music bill worth seeing together!"




By Guest Reviewer Paula Da Horta