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Sometimes you just need to sit back and throw on a good Metal DVD and relax. And you know what after doing just that I’m ready to do it again. If like me you’ve not watched many Metal DVDs this year then make sure you use the festive season wisely.




I’d always had a soft spot for the band Tank since their early days and still have good memories of seeing the band live back in the day.  To bring you right up to date Tank 2012 is a mighty machine, fronted by Rainbow/Malmsteen force of nature Doogie White they are a force to be reckoned with, and this live DVD, released this week in the US (but already out in Europe) is testament to that.




 Now I’m sure there are many of you out there that will have heard the name and either thought that the band dissolved years ago, or know they are still about but haven’t managed to check out ‘War Nation’ the album out earlier this year. Well on the evidence here I can only recommend that you go out see them live, then grab that CD and this DVD too.




Filmed live in Poland in 2011 and 2012, ‘War Machine Live’ does a number of things you want a live DVD to do. Most important of all it takes you there: you feel like you are in the crowd and the visuals and audio are top notch, secondly it actually surprises you with the quality of the performance and finally it reminds you of just how good these guys’ catalogue actually is.




These days of course we are lucky that a number of bands from the NWOBHM era are still relevant today and producing great work. Bands like Saxon of course have been doing it for years and Tygers of Pang Tang just put out a great new album this year but Tank is up there with the best of them.
”This Means War” is a great opening track from way back in 1983 and it actually goes beautifully next to “Judgement Day” from their 2010 War Machine release so any fears of the mix of old and new are immediately allayed.  Of course my personal highlight had to be ‘(He Fell in Love With a) Stormtrooper’ but that’s just me showing my age! Though “Honour & Blood” another old one from 1984 makes a welcome appearance. Closing the night with one of their biggest sounding songs “The War Drags Ever On” seals the deal.




With bonus features including the live performance from Metal Hammer Festival 2011; interviews and on the road footage this is a nice little package worthy of any Metalhead’s Christmas stocking!  





By Mark Diggins