The Wanted ONE EP
February 2012



By Shane Pinnegar


Having relocated to Melbourne from Perth in 2011, streamlined their lineup to a tight four-piece, and acquired new management, Gasoline Inc return with a very impressive new EP which is guaranteed to win new fans and open doors for them.


Starting with the titular ode to Australia's most famous bushranger, Ned Kelly, the maturity of the songwriting is immediately noticable, with the production work by bassist Jason Millar equally impressive. Gasoline Inc have always understood the power of an anthemic tune, and this one is bound to become a live favourite.


'Aurora' blends the band's INXS and U2 influences most effectively, before 'All That Remains' - a haunting and reflective ballad - remind the listener just how good these guys can be.


'Shock' is more reminiscent of the band's 2009 debut EP - a rocker of the type this talented band can churn out in their sleep, and again containing more than a hint of INXS's peak period.


'Blessed' closes out the EP in stunning style. Passionate and stirring, this is the sort of heartfelt song which most others would make a pretentious mess of, yet in singer Gab O'Brien's hands the sincerity and simplicity of the message - "I am blessed to know you" - shines through and rings true.


Classy, polished, moving and tuneful - make no mistake that if there is any justice left in the music business, Gasoline Inc are only at the very start of what should be a long and rewarding - for their fans as well as for themselves - career.