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01 – Branded
02 – Hate
03 – The Mask
04 – Living Like A Runaway
05 – Relentless
06 – Mother
07 – Devil In My Head
08 – Asylum
09 – Luv 2 Hate You
10 – A Song To Slit Your Wrists By
11 – Bad Neighborhood (Bonus Track)
12 – The Bitch Is Back (Bonus Track)


‘Branded’ that opens the album dispels any notion that we might get the kind of confused, sado-masochistic, wall of noise that Lita served us up last time. It’s great that Lita has distanced herself from that misguided venture in the press but then again it wasn’t until the awful reaction that she stopped championing it.


‘Branded’ is pretty stock to be honest, a straight forward rocker that channels early STP/Velvet Revolver but without any real excitement or invention.


Things do get better and I guess a fair proportion of that credit should go to guitarist god Gary Hoey, who produced the album. He may not be able to work miracles but he has gone a fair way to recapture the sound of Ford's best work, while still allowing enough space to avoid being accused of producing ‘Lita by numbers’.


I guess the only real issue I have here is that there seems to be a lack of identity at play here. We’ve gone from the awful sounding but consistent sounding ‘Wicked Wonderland’ to an album that although it sounds infinitely better is so varied its hard to know if Lita is too scared to back herself and is waiting for us to tell her or she’s throwing everything she has in the air and waiting to see what sticks.


Just to site a few examples:


‘Hate’ reminds me of Lita attempting to sound like the Runaways with a 1990’s vibe. It’s an interesting song and already very different to the opener.   


‘The Mask’ has elements of dated funk, and industrial overtones before just turning metal-lite. It’s again an OK song.


‘Living Like a Runaway’ the title track is the story of Lita Ford set to a musical backdrop that sounds like a U2 outtake. It’s probably one of the best songs here, but you won’t find anything else here that sounds like it…


‘Mother’ is an acoustic-led song to Lita’s kids post-divorce and for all the emotional import it’s just OK.


‘Asylum’ sounds like old-school Maiden…


‘Love 2 Hate You’ is AOR


The rest of the album has its highs and lows but mainly the albums topography is pretty flat with no real peaks or troughs.


So if you are looking to pin down what Lita sounds like now there is no real answer to that. ‘Living Like a Runaway’ is less chameleon-like than it is the sound of someone waiting on someone to tell her what to do next.


The amount of press going around about a Runaways reformation though suggests that as welcome as this album is in comparison to Lita’s last effort this release is neither particularly offensive nor the real end game.



At the end of the day though I don’t mind irrespective… take it for what it is.




Mark Diggins